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I am writing this as a review of the work that was conducted on my home last month from Rhino Shield of Jacksonville, Fl. Several months ago, my blood pressure jumped off the Richter Scale as I felt like I had been scammed from Rhino Shield Jacksonville by selling me... Read more

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I got the sweepstakes letter to win $1.1 mil. just call the 1800 number and NO PURCHASE nessessary to enter. So I call and wasted 10 minutes explaining to these morons that I DO NOT want any magazines I just want to enter in the sweepstakes. The woman kept giving me... Read more

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Don Sullivan's training is alot of B.S. It does not work. We tried and tried but nothing worked like it was supposed to. I tried to send it back and they would not accept it. I would advise that no one buy this product!! I have two dogs and was told that I had to... Read more

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Greetings, As a company operating out to the state of Florida we have had the opportunity to deal with many eCommerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, OverStock, etc. In fact, we have sold with Amazon for about six months now. Over that time, Amazon has suspended our... Read more

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We originally had our old gutters replaced due to water leakage with new gutters through SEMCO’s Gutter Helmet. Our sales representative, Linda Radunsky, had the installers Zac and Scott install new gutters. After the install we continued to have water leakage, so we... Read more

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Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Florida Misdiagnosed My Cancers, Abandoned My Care, Intimidated Me When I Fought Back
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IF YOU ARE OR WERE A PATIENT AT MAYO CLINIC YOU MAY WISH TO READ THIS THROUGH BEFORE CONSIDERING WRITING A COMPLAINT. My experience. I was a patient at Mayo Clinic for 3 years. I was patient at another institution for 2 years before I went to Mayo for help. I almost... Read more

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I'm looking for people who are being harassed by Byrider & CNAC in Jacksonville FL. I've talked to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and what is happening to me IS considered harassment and we are in the process of pressing charges against CNAC as I am... Read more

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This place... I'm not even sure where to start. So I bought my Honda Civic from them on 2/10/14. This was the best day and the worst of my life. After test driving the car I noticed that the car was idling strange. I was told that it was an easily fixed problem and... Read more

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I bought the Instyler thinking it would be amazing because of all the good reviews I've seen on TV and in magazines. I also thought that because it was so expensive, it would be a great product. I used it on my hair, and it did nothing. I tried curling my hair, It... Read more

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Beware... if a deal seems to good to be true... it probably is. I went the laser vision institute in jacksonville florida and went through the eye exam test and they told me...your a candidate... i was told to go buy two prescriptions for the surgery and leave my... Read more

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