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My townhome sold on May 13th at which time my loan was paid in full. According to my account information online and a letter I received from Ditech, my escrow refund was cut on May 30th. I gave it another couple of weeks to arrive, it never did. I contacted Ditech... Read more

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I am writing this as a review of the work that was conducted on my home last month from Rhino Shield of Jacksonville, Fl. Several months ago, my blood pressure jumped off the Richter Scale as I felt like I had been scammed from Rhino Shield Jacksonville by selling me... Read more

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I got the sweepstakes letter to win $1.1 mil. just call the 1800 number and NO PURCHASE nessessary to enter. So I call and wasted 10 minutes explaining to these morons that I DO NOT want any magazines I just want to enter in the sweepstakes. The woman kept giving me... Read more

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Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Florida Misdiagnosed My Cancers, Abandoned My Care, Intimidated Me When I Fought Back
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IF YOU ARE OR WERE A PATIENT AT MAYO CLINIC YOU MAY WISH TO READ THIS THROUGH BEFORE CONSIDERING WRITING A COMPLAINT. My experience. I was a patient at Mayo Clinic for 3 years. I was patient at another institution for 2 years before I went to Mayo for help. I almost... Read more

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I put my college son in this apartment and on the first day we were moving him in the carpet was soaking wet from a leak. It took days to get it resolved so not off to a good start. Now months later he has a leaking sink, one of the toilets no longer works, shower is... Read more

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I ordered Nov 7 thinking I found a deal on two purses and a pair of sunglasses. Right after I hit the buy button I had a bad feeling and then googled this site for reviews. After reading this and calling the real LV store to see if they have a outlet store I contacted... Read more

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The following is a synopsis of my VA disability case. I sent this letter to the VA "Office of the Inspector General". The VA OIG has not replied to my emails or letters. Date: June 11, 2014 COVER SHEET VA MISCONDUCT CASE Service connected disabled veteran reporting... Read more

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Walmart Sold Me An XBox 1 With A Used XBox 360 Inside The Box
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So I was at Walmart on Sunday morning and purchased the XBox One bundle package with Call of Duty. When I got home and opened the box, which was still sealed, there was no game, half of a power cord, no headset, and instead of an XBox One, there was a very old 360... Read more

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I am terminally ill with cancer. My days are very limited. My daughter and I summit my claim for my cancer policy over a month ago through a Rep frommy area. We got a email stating it was recieved. Since we've been told it was being processed. Even at 1 point told to... Read more

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Continually understaffed, lack of urgency or customer focus and long, long wait times for service. Every time I try to get service here, more than half the time I leave because it has been over 10 minutes with no sign of service coming soon. Today, I tried to order a... Read more

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