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USPS tracking is useless. FIrst of it doesn't actually track the package. All it tells you is if has left and if its been delivered, no where in between like FEDEX or UPS. Next is the worst voice routing system on the planet. Don't try and get a representative, that will cause undue stress in your life. No reason to waste time and frustration on anything except automated tracking, which if you read my first point, doesn't tell you... Read more

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Intown Suites - Killed 5 Roaches but refused new room or refund
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I arrived in Macon on December 14, 2011 at approximately 6pm from VA to visit my niece in the hospital. My older sister had made arrangements for me to stay at the InTown Suites located at 1459 Eisenhower Pkwy Macon, GA 31206. When we got on property, I paid in advance $169.49 for a week on my credit card, and a $50 deposit in cash for phone and room deposits. Unfortunately, the front desk guy was unable to give me my keys because he needed to... Read more

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I attended the Satvatove Fundamentals workshop in May of 2014; and although I am contractually/legally barred from sharing their specific Satvatove processes, I can freely state that during the workshop I experienced an extreme level of coercion, pressure and abuse; I can also share that I perceived both my physical and emotional safety very directly threatened at various points in the workshop. Satvatove is an intensively emotionally abusive... Read more

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Have a 2015 Jayco Seneca. Has leaked since day one. Has been to two of there sales locations an back to the factory for two months. Still leaking after a year and a half. Customer service lied and indicated this was the first leak issue they had. Now I found that the issues has been ongoing since 2013. I have owned 8 previously campers new and used and have never been treated with such poor service. I would not recommend a jayco to my... Read more

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We took out a loan with western sky a few years ago for $2500 and paid it off in a few months. A year later we called for another loan and they automatically upped the amount to $5000. We paid $468 a month for 8 months. We called them to get a payoff and we still owed $4800. The interest rate on this loan was 119%. If loan went to term we would payback $41,000 on $5000. This is predatory lending practices and they need to be shut down!! ... Read more

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Would NEVER buy another. If you are not over 65-70 yrs old, your house may not last your lifetime. Within a few years; - Cabinets fall apart - Sinks, Faucets and toilets will need replaced. - "Moen" Faucets are plastic. - Poor roofing, siding will cause rotting. Siding will need to be replaced. - Counter tops are not standard even in high end, large homes. Therefore, the kitchen sink is not standard size. - Exterior doors do not have 2 x 4... Read more

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I requested a return for the first pair of Listen Clear hearing aids and they tried to get me to commit to another "upgraded pair." I stated I did not want to try them. A return label was sent but they also sent the unauthorized pair. This was around the holidays and I forgot about shipping them back. When I tried in Feb. I was told it was well past the return time frame and basically it was too bad for me. They stated they would have to... Read more

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I had damage structurally to my home as a result of this product. I called multiple times finally to get put off then told we didn't install your gutters. The problem was not my gutters but the gutter helmet system for which was installed improperly. I had a reputable contractor and gutter specialist confirm the guards were not right and damaged my home. No one would return my call as I tried to convey this. Nor did anyone try to come out to... Read more

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Keystone Rv - Brown Cap Fading / Gel coat peeling off
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My wife and I bought a 2012 Keystone Outback 279RB 2.5 years ago and the brown front cap is fading at the top and the Gel coat is Peeling off ! I contacted Keystone customer service who advised that they were committed to building a defect free product but that it was out of their 1 year warranty, so they will take no action to help! Keystone Products were supposed to be #1 and was recommended to us. If this is the way that Keystone takes care... Read more

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OK, So I joined PF because it is cheap, or so I thought, and now I owe $140 plus a $58 termination fee just to downgrade to a regular membership. If you don't have the money in your account when PF takes it out, your bank will charge you $32, and PF will continue to take money from your account until they get it. I owed my band $120+ dollars just because of this method PF uses. They took out money 4 times in one month. Thank fully I had the... Read more

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