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I attended the Satvatove Fundamentals workshop in May of 2014; and although I am contractually/legally barred from sharing their specific Satvatove processes, I can freely state that during the workshop I experienced an extreme level of coercion, pressure and abuse; I... Read more

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ate this sherbet, had a lot at one time...2 hours later I was bent over in pain, spasms and could hardly breathe. I lost a whole nights sleep trying every position to alleviate the gas and bloating. The diarrhea started finally and it took another few hours for that... Read more

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I requested a return for the first pair of Listen Clear hearing aids and they tried to get me to commit to another "upgraded pair." I stated I did not want to try them. A return label was sent but they also sent the unauthorized pair. This was around the holidays... Read more

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Monster Energy Gronk Energy Drink Review from Gainesville, Florida
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I bought a can of Monster, the new Gronk edition and I found a junk load of little black things at the bottom. They kinda look pepper flakes and mold. I like to mix my Monster with water to get rid of the carbonation. Thank God I did that because if I hadn't I would... Read more

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Keystone Rv - Brown Cap Fading / Gel coat peeling off
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My wife and I bought a 2012 Keystone Outback 279RB 2.5 years ago and the brown front cap is fading at the top and the Gel coat is Peeling off ! I contacted Keystone customer service who advised that they were committed to building a defect free product but that it was... Read more

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We bought a standard transmission 2009 Subaru Forrester in 2009. Over the years we have put over ten thousand dollars in repairs on it. Probably closer to fifteen thousand. For the past four years It bounced all over the road almost every time you took off. Very... Read more

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If you want to keep your business don't use Square. We are going thru the same thing, but we haven't cancelled the transaction. We have over $13,000 still pending in our Square site that hasn't been transferred to our bank account. It's been 15 business days. I have... Read more

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Have a 2015 Jayco Seneca. Has leaked since day one. Has been to two of there sales locations an back to the factory for two months. Still leaking after a year and a half. Customer service lied and indicated this was the first leak issue they had. Now I found that... Read more

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Select Comfort - BEWARE: Iffy Mattress, Disgraceful Company Policies--and you’re out $360 if you return it
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DISGRACEFUL, GIMMICKY COMPANY POLICIES include: (1) Failing to deliver beds that are as high quality as company advertises. (2) Delivery + return fees ($360): customers who finance the bed and can't afford to lose $360 might feel stuck keeping a substandard bed--does... Read more

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I am writing this in the hopes that others will not get ripped off, insulted, threatened, and then totally dismissed by the corporate office of a company who claims to promote great customer service. Before going out of town on business, I took my truck in for service... Read more

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