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Pretty much the same thing happened to me. I stopped on the 12th day. My doctor advised me immediately to stop and when I told the person who turned my on to this, he told me not to trust my doctor and that my doctor did not know what he was talking about. Oh yea he... Read more

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I had a very miserable experience at Publix tonight thanks to four associates. My husband and I went into this Publix around 8:00 p.m. on 7 December 2016 with our baby, intending to only be there about 5 minutes to pick up a few things. Our baby started crying as we... Read more

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I had a bad experience eating Publix Breaded Chicken tenders that were prepared by their deli hot meal area. I had started eating these prepared tenders for a period of two weeks. within the first week I started eating them I began itching and didn't think anything of... Read more

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As a former employee at Rich Dad Education now known as Legacy Education Alliance previously known as Tigrent Inc and Whitney Information Systems, I am here to say that this company is a scam.They campaign using radio ads and other marketing tools to lure people into... Read more

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I signed up for 3 months last year and asked that they not bill me any more as I would not be in the area after the end of March! As it was I left early. They billed me for March, I only went once, and they also left me with an amount owing for April! Luckily my credit... Read more

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The initial offer was good, even factoring in how much the "membership commitment" would cost. Spread out among all the DVDs the price looked good overall and I got a lot of movies I wanted to own, so initially I was pretty happy with the service. Over time I've... Read more

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Calling all Class A Coach Owners!! If you have had, or are going to have North Trails RV do service maintenance, please read and BE ADVISED. CHECK THE FILTERS THEY PUT ON YOUR EXPENSIVE COACH….DO THE FILTERS THEY INSTALLED MEET OR EXCEED THE SPECS FOR Freightliner or... Read more

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My trainer, attempting to teach my dog front door manners, threw pellet filled beanbags in her direction. Now I have multiple dents in my wood floor! Now, to get it fixed, I am out several hundred dollars to replace the boards that were dented. Furthermore, when... Read more

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They are ***, liars, and these are the nicest words I have for them. They are in business to cheat hard working people out of their money. They charge 280% interest and all kind of fees. They tell you your paying .77% interest. Recently had an emergency and took out a... Read more

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Today 2/16/ 17, Camping Ft. Myers FI. This store advertises that they are open until 6 pm. I arrived at 5:50 PM 10 minutes before closing. I was looking for a Door lock / latch. Ended up asking 3 different sales people where they were located. My wife and I went to... Read more

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