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Pretty much the same thing happened to me. I stopped on the 12th day. My doctor advised me immediately to stop and when I told the person who turned my on to this, he told me not to trust my doctor and that my doctor did not know what he was talking about. Oh yea he... Read more

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CenturyLink is not only the worst ISP in the world, but is indisputably the worst provider of any service in human history. 300-500ms latency spikes at all times. Always over 50ms to the first hop (usually several times that.) Even with ancient technology this is not... Read more

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Attempted to cancel my membership, due to moving to another town. After calling the gym, I was given a 1-800 number. After I called, was told that I have to move 25 miles or more from the gym, which I am not, however it doesn't make sense for me to drive to the other... Read more

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I had a very miserable experience at Publix tonight thanks to four associates. My husband and I went into this Publix around 8:00 p.m. on 7 December 2016 with our baby, intending to only be there about 5 minutes to pick up a few things. Our baby started crying as we... Read more

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After reading several different reviews on here, I thought I would put my two sense in. First of all, all companies who offer credit whether its a credit card or loan is going to charge you interest. If the store clerk told you is was 90 days same as cash, you should... Read more

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Travel smart VIP is a Scam!! Once you are done with the "90" minute, which turns into a 4 hour presentation, you are scammed. Once you get home from your vacation and over a month later (because they want to make sure they are clear of Clause #7) you finally get your... Read more

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I live in a nice neighborhood (Lennar bought last 3 vacant lots) Lennar is building a home across the street from me in Fort Myers I came home yesterday to find several of the workers SLEEPING in my front yard, and a tractor trailer blocking my mailbox. I called the... Read more

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I, like many others after reading their complaints, found out just how deceptive Zoom Tan in Fort Myers really is!! Unfortunately I am stuck in a year-long contract now. Also like I have read, when you call to report anything they turn it around, make excuses and it... Read more

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I had the worst experience at your location. I leased a vehicle 3 years ago and when I came into your location recently interested in buying the vehicle out, I dealt with extremely rude and disrespectful staff members. First of all the numbers that were given to me was... Read more

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I had a bad experience eating Publix Breaded Chicken tenders that were prepared by their deli hot meal area. I had started eating these prepared tenders for a period of two weeks. within the first week I started eating them I began itching and didn't think anything of... Read more

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