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Royal Caribbean - Changed agenda right before cancellation period. 3.0 My husband and I paid in full for a 7 day cruise to the Easter Caribbean. Just found out two days ago, on the 17th of August, that due to "SPEED... Royal Caribbean - Poor customer service 2.2 reservations made Oct. 8 2016 on Allure of the Seas August 18 advised our itinerary has changed from Bahamas, St. Thomas. St Kitts and now canceled... Omega Xl - I have been using OmegaXL for my arthritis pain, it helps my neck and hip pain! because of OmegaXL I can sleep better, have less pain in my neck and hip. It is easy to take, and is a natural remedy. I have kidney disease, and it... Service America - If you're not in a hurry, use them Can you imagine... Air goes out, fridge dies, toilet breaks/leaks.... you have to wait 3-4 days for them to send someone if you're on one of their... Verified customer Omega Xl - OmegaXL works for me. I have had 35 years of low back pain. The cervical fusion helped the top side but did not eliminate the low back pain. Then surgery was performed on... Service America - Worst Company!! 1.0 Had service America for 10_+ years paying approx. $400 a year on a service contract that turns out to be useless!! Called for general maintenance to... Publix - Bad Grapes 1.0 The produce people are now putting good-fresh grapes (red) on top of grapes that are wrinkled and soggy and offering them for sale. This is being... Silver Airways - Worst Customer Service (military member) 2.7 My flight from Tallahassee to Tampa was delayed by over 3 hours, which caused me to miss my bus from Tampa to home in West Palm Beach. I was stuck...