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7108 is fed up we agree with you 7110. Pretty much the same complaints just different managers but the same treatment. The quality of our cars has gone down, the treatment of associates suck. Conditions seem to get worse by the day. Management shows alot of favoritism... Read more

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Unfortunately this is a company wide practice. The dept managers use Oasis scheduling to punish and reward employees. When it originated, associates and managers were told NO changes could be made once the schedule was posted. If there was an URGENT need; they could... Read more

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I have been a subscriber to Consumer Reports for many years & use it prior to any major purchases. I need to ask for your expertise. I purchased a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE with automatic transmission in November 2009 from a Nissan dealership. I noticed a slight... Read more

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The new Publix brand car litter in a strong 25 lb plastic container is cheaper than the competition but simply does not clump well. Its clumps are damp and powdery. I had to dump most of my first jug and revert to Fresh Step. xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx... Read more

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Laurels. No parking. Handicap violations. Mold on walkways Dog breed restrictions not monitored. Too many people living in individual apartments. Management staff nasty. Sloppy work in apartments Read more

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THE RIVERLAND CENTER CHANGE STORE ADVANCED SEARCH STORE NUMBER 1124 ADDRESS 3500 Davie Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312-3438 This morning I woke up at 7am n my 2 year was so hot... my thermometer wasn't so take ride to my Publix n i grab Motrin pedialite,... Read more

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I have seen more and more dogs being allowed to come in to Publix. They have been allowed to sit on counters at the Deli, Customer Service counter, as well as, the Bakery. I have witnessed that their owners, in these particular cases, do not have Handicapped Parking... Read more

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Very disappointed I purchased this product. There is no guarantee and no money back option so that alone should tell you it is a scam. Very difficult to use with makeup. Looks good if you spend 15-20 minutes very carefully applying but no makeup can be applied. I have... Read more

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"Publix fish is fresh fron the dock". Not true! It's scary even to look at the fish display ( Fort Lauderdale, corner of Oakland and Federal). Made a mistake - bought a pece of salmon past Sunday and ate it next day for lunch. The fish didn't smell badly - it must have... Read more

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The company hud homes department is a scam! After paying roughly $200 in attempt to increase my presence in the South Florida real estate market, they wouldnt respond to my emails or call! I was supposed to get REO training least 2 listings every 45... Read more

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