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Greenberg Dental And Orthodontics - Greenberg Dental Office Deltona Florida 1.0 Worse than a 1 star rating. would not give 1 star. Took my 7 year old daughter to see the pediatric dentist. Tried explaining to Dr and Nurse I think... Directv - Customer Care Review from Deltona, Florida 2.1 I contacted direct TV by phone because I had a question about my bill and wanted to speak to a supervisor. Both times I called the representative... Checkpeople - Check People . Com scam 1.0 NAME:

Check People, LLC.


Ethan Rodriguez

Check People advertises free people searc...
Gearbest - Ripoff company! 2.0 I recently purchased a watch from GearBest. The one that was sent was defective. Customer support is non-existent. I have submitted 3 tickets with all... Outback Steakhouse - Customer Service/Mangement Good Evening,
i always love the outback dining experience. We just ate at the Lake Nona Outback this evening I am sorry to say the we had a not so go...
Schwans - Only complaint is when they cancel something that I ordered every time. I now live in Deltona, FL and have yet to find the Schwans Delivery person in this area. I've been a customer for over 15 -20 years. I hate it when... Big mistake cancelling Dr.Drew, however Nancy Grace needed to GO!!! She even talked down to and argued very condescending with her own HLN colleagues. No one is that good and Right ALL the time.THX! I just really feel Nancy Grace is arrogant especially when watching an episode where her own colleague Mike Galanos was also reporting with her and... Hln - Michaela Tv Show Review from Deltona, Florida Don't like micheala p. or west coast style . There must of been someone better.