Many people are complaining about the Watershed substance abuse treatment center located in delray beach south Florida but the Watershed treatment center reviews and complaints keep getting taken down. Some of them were very long emotional and detailed complaints that people took time to write ! The time has arrived for you to choose a rehab center, and I know the importance of making a decision that is well informed. As you continue to weigh... Read more

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My ID No 21478798 my name is Fran Sklansky and my sponsor is Wendy Gutterson. I called last Friday and told the gentleman on the phone that I would like to return the chocolate protein shake and purchase another vanilla one. The gentleman said that it wouldn't be necessary for me to return it and that he was sending me out a vanilla one at no charge. I was amazed and so thankful. He said it would appear on my email when it was sent out. I'm... Read more

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Was told an alarm was triggered at my home while driving . I told the dispatcher to call the police. He put a supervisor on who REFUSED TO CALL THEM ! I was shocked after calling 911 I was told only the alarm company can call police in Palm Beach Fl . Meanwhile i thought my home was being burglarized. I got apologies etc. but no protection from this company. It turns out their equipment which has malfunctioned twice was to blame for this... Read more

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Hearing aids work fine. Free batteries for life is a phony ad. They charge shipping for the batteries which is more expensive than buying the batteries in a retail store. I have called them and they will not change their offer. Other than this problem, the hearing aids work just fine although carrying around the separate volume control to raise or lower the volume is a pain and cumbersome. Do not know what else to say to fill 100 words... Read more

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I took my cat in for annual vaccines. Also asked the vet at Banfield to look at his hind legs as he had not been jumping down from furniture the way he normally did. I thought he may have hurt a leg. My cat was just over a year old, they did his blood work and said he was in perfect health. They put him under anesthesia to take x-rays. The found nothing but gave him an injection of a non steroidal anti-inflammatory anyway. Five days later he was... Read more

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Beware of Tim Jones at Floors To Go Boca Raton
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What can I say about Tim Jones of Floors to Go Boca Raton? He's a nice guy, very warm and inviting when you are shopping for flooring. But, that's where his concern stops. Too not bore you with details, here is a summary of our experience (by the way, we are in the process of filing a law suit against Floors to Go Boca Raton - so you know how this ends). * We paid for flooring, which we found out later we were grossly overcharged for. * Tim... Read more

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I do not have any problem getting business with the Thumbtack leads. Bidding has helped build my business. My issue with Thumbtack is that I strive very hard to keep a good reputation and get good ratings. I had 69 reviews and a 5 star rating. Someone hired me "outside" of Thumbtack to do a move-in clean and the house was empty. This did not come through Thumbtack. My girls cleaned on a Thursday and we bring all vacuums, supplies, etc.... Read more

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Meaningful beauty 30 days supply was ordered, however they sent me 90 days supplies without my request, charging me $164.82 to my credit card. (I may have kept the 30days supply, due to not calling them to cancel within 30 days of initial order, but NOT 90 days supply - that's being greedy, taking advantage of consumer.) After I return their product back, I am still out of $25.00 for shipping handling charges that are not refundable by them, and... Read more

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After having my service animal hit by the LAFitness staff and being told I was not wanted or allowed in the Delray Beach LAFitness with a service animal, I went to my normal LAFitness in Boynton Beach but the normal staff was not there. The new staff, I have never seen before, told me that a family of 7 cancelled there membership because I filled my Service Animals water bowl in the drinking fountain. He told me to take her to the men's room to... Read more

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These pillows give me shoulder pain and back pain that I didn't have with my normal pillows. Another rip-off. *** you people. I bought 2 based on the scale you show judging on your weight. Maybe I should have bought the smallest one because these are now fillers for pillow shams and nothing more. What snake oil...shame on you. Maybe I should sue you for my back and shoulder medical bills...I'm a side sleeper and my ear gets sucked into the... Read more

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