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Many people are complaining about the Watershed substance abuse treatment center located in delray beach south Florida but the Watershed treatment center reviews and complaints keep getting taken down. Some of them were very long emotional and detailed complaints that... Read more

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Hearing aids work fine. Free batteries for life is a phony ad. They charge shipping for the batteries which is more expensive than buying the batteries in a retail store. I have called them and they will not change their offer. Other than this problem, the hearing... Read more

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My ID No 21478798 my name is Fran Sklansky and my sponsor is Wendy Gutterson. I called last Friday and told the gentleman on the phone that I would like to return the chocolate protein shake and purchase another vanilla one. The gentleman said that it wouldn't be... Read more

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I have a double sided wine refrigerator. Both units had stopped working and when I order the parts, they charged me $17.50 for shipping and handling. A few years later, the unit stopped working again, and I was charged $17.50 for shipping and handling (for very... Read more

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Loved one there, was clean upon entry to the facility as evidenced by negative tox screen and breathalyzer. This person was heavily sedated for the entire first week to "detox". This person had already detoxed at home (I know not safe). In an acute care setting the... Read more

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See image for a screen shot of the summary of my complaint process. I have a 1-year-old space heater that makes so much noise it is unusable. It seems to be a fan issue as that appears to be the only moving part. I cannot get a call back despite several attempts and... Read more

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Rude, harressing, threating, by phone, going to ruin my credit if I don't pay for the product which I didn't want, told them that , this started right after my husband died 10 years ago. The keep caling me that I need more. now they are still calling me, telling me I... Read more

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These pillows give me shoulder pain and back pain that I didn't have with my normal pillows. Another rip-off. *** you people. I bought 2 based on the scale you show judging on your weight. Maybe I should have bought the smallest one because these are now fillers for... Read more

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WORST Customer Service ever!!!Fireplace insert stopped working less than 1 year after purchase. Called on 1-7-17; told it would be 24-48 hours before a service technician would call back. Called on 1-11-17 only to confirm that the troubleshooting instructions I... Read more

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Danger! Danger! Will! Penny! This is a minority owned business! What minority? 100% Ignorant! Do business with her? *** to the NO or be prepared to turn your intellectual clock back to circa 1999. This woman with her son "clueless" and daughter "weightless" in tow,... Read more

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