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I have been with Publix for 20 years! My goal is to attend my 20th dinner in Orlando with my good friend and after that retire and join the Air Force Reserves! Also work for the railroad! I was in management (an asst. department mgr.) and yes there are plenty of... Read more

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What an AWFUL place to work! To be honest the best way to get promoted is to be as lazy as humanly possible and not care about your job. I have seen so many hard working people get *** on by the *** company. The main reason why publix rarely fires people is because of... Read more

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So we see the ad, looks good and the promo is a second one free...not true!! Like others before me, the math is simple, three payments of $39.95 is $120.... The offer was free shipping..oh but wait! Free shipping doesn't apply for the free item. It's another... Read more

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Thanks for writing that review!!! - I had the EXACT same problems with Ideal Image in the Tampa Bay area. I was also told that I was an ideal candidate due to my light skin and dark hair! The salesperson even used a similar story about not having to shave her legs... Read more

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Floor And Decor - Defective flooring
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I replaced 5 rooms with there vinyl flooring that has a 50 yr warranty. Bought everything I needed there for it. Well after about 6 months I noticed it was not right. It looked wavy in spots. Then it started chipping and fading by the patio doors. I went to them they... Read more

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With Official Company Response

Purchased 2 packages of makeup remover wipes but the aroma is so strong, it is VERY difficult to use... attempted to leave review on wipes website but unable to do so after logging in. Registered to speak w/Luminess Air help line HEATHER but first available date: ... Read more

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I received my dress June 8th. I contacted the company the same day about the dress size being way too small. I got requests from them asking me to take photos of the dress and measure the dress and measure myself! Please do not order from this company. The dress looked... Read more

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Cal Am Properties - Cal-Am lost my rent, threatens eviction
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We paid our January rent with money orders. The Island In the Sun office only recorded one of the 3 money orders. I responded that they were paid. It's now May and I brought in a good check for rent. They refused to give me a receipt and sent it back by mail. I... Read more

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I purchased bed in December 2014. Delivered Jan then the bed broke 3 days after delivery, 4000+ $ They would not give us a new one. They wanted us to upgrade. We had to pay or delivery and pick up. We are still waiting on the credit for the mattress pad and pillows 3... Read more

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Ordered and payed for a gun online. Money was taken from my account and I received an order confirmation via email, accepting the money makes our deal contractual. Next day I received an email saying my order was cancelled and then another email asking me to call... Read more

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