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Automotive Finance Corporation - GREAT SERVICE AT AFC SARASOTA 4.8 NEVER SEEN THIS SITE BEFORE AND WAS SURPRISED BY ALL THE NEGATIVE COMMENT, I HAVE USED AFC SARASOTA FOR MANY MANY YEARS, HAVE NOTHING BAD TO SAY... It Works - Might as well pay full price and forgo the Loyal Customer Agreement My daughter started selling this product, so to help her out, I bought several products and (unfortunately) signed up for the Loyalty Customer... Cracker Barrel - Terrible breakfast 1.4 Went to Cracker Barrel in Bradenton fl. I ordered uncle Herschel breakfast with my eggs sunny side up. My eggs were inedible, whites runny and not... It Works - Worst Customer Service on the planet! 1.1 My niece started selling It Works products. She asked me if I would place an order, which I did. I wasn't happy at all with the coconut oil product.... Hudsons Furniture - Worst Experience Ever 2.0 Misrepresentation - Were told a bold face lie not by one but by two sales reps. - Extended Warranty is a total sham and misrepresented when... It Works - Shipping issues 1.0 Placed order on 4/27/17 shipment originated in Dallas TX, 2 hrs from where I live. From there was sent to Glen Heights Illinois stayed couple days... It works never received product cancelled 5 minutes after submitting 1.0 I went online to order to help a friend little did I know until after I put all my info in to include my debit card that I would be billed every... Zoom Tan - EFT getting out ?? 2.1 I need help on getting out of EFT monthly. Can someone help Please ??? I bought a membership last Sunday as my other expensive salon package was...