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I ordered the product, paid an extra ten dollars for an upgrade. Started reading all the bad reviews and decided to send it back unopened. Contacted them today and wanted to know where my refund was. Their sorry excuse was they charged for shipping and closed my account so they kept my $35.00. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY, THEY ARE THIEVES! I told customer service that I would spread the word about how terrible this company was and her... Read more

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I am a FREEDOM MORTGAGE customer and last week I received a pre-approved invitation to refinance our home with them. So, I called and spoke with a mortgage specialist and we came up with a plan to do a STREAMLINE REFINANCE which would have given us two months of no mortgage payments and would have lowered our payment by appx. $50.00 per month. My wife and I signed all the papers and sent them the required documents they asked for. Today, July... Read more

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Bought two Progresso Chicken Broth (2 lb) boxes on a buy one get one. A few days later I pull one out to cook with and twist off the top and the seal is broken. I grab the other one and the same thing. I call publix who has had people with this issue. I am reasonably assured that perhaps the plastic ring was not broken, I didnt look, I have always depended on the inner foil seal on these kinds of packaging. Ashley at Publix tells me many people... Read more

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I was at the Cracker Barrel in Belleview, FL on HWY 484 on May 27, 2014. While sitting at my table I heard a woman come in who was apparently homeless. She asked if she could work to get food for her and her husband. I understand why she was told no. A young woman who worked in the store was moved by the story and offered to pay for their dinners. She was told no by a blonde woman whom I assume was a manager. When the lady left the manager... Read more

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I bought a zero water cooler filter couple years ago. The filter idea worked great. the problem is that at least once a week the thing would leak gallons of water all over the place causing much damage. For a long time I thought it was the house keepers over filling it. Well that was not the case. I called the company and they have admitted that the product is defective. They were glade to send me parts to fix it. well that was a month ago.. I... Read more

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Some of the problems are with Itasca ,most are with Camping World of Summerfield, FL. It is the most messed and incompetent group of so called service personnel people ever. Starting with the service manager and finishing with the service advisers and technicians. They cant balance tires or align a front end had to take it to Orlando FL 140 mile round trip left it for a week. Another trip to get it, at 6.5 miles per gal plus our car ,that's a... Read more

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My home burned down on June 25th 2015 I lost everything including 88 of my animals! I had a case worker by the name of Iris from the red cross helping me. I was never told by her or her supervisor that I could only receive help within 30 day's! Because I had 12 surviving animals it took 10 months to find a place to rent 11 that I could afford and 22 that would let us have our babies! I sent all the proper paper work to Jacksonville Florida as... Read more

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In fall 2011, i ordered 2 Thompson seedless grape plants as part of a @$400+ order (including shipping). Last year they produced what appears to be concord grapes, as the fgrapes were purple, and were heavily seeded. I called them today, as it took me this ling to find the suppliers original order. I was told to take a photo and send that to them. This means that they want me, who paid them over $400 for an order must allow a formerly very... Read more

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This company is a total piece of ***! I order control arms realize that I had ordered the wrong part so believing that their 30 day money back guarantee honorable I contact then to send the item back . I was then informed that not only did I have to pay for return shipping I also had to pay a 15% restock fee and it's taking them weeks to produce what's left of my money . I was truly disappointed and hate the fact that they do business in this... Read more

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My brother gave me a NuWave Party Mixer and a NuWave Twister (some sort of chopping machine) this is for my up[coming birthday. He purchased it sometime last summer and had been holing on to them until yesterday. This morning I opened the Party Mixer and the motor was broken. The head is to (motor assy.) is in pieces. I called the NO SERVICE hotline and all I got was them telling me that it was out of warranty because he purchased it last... Read more

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