Roadrunner sports automatically renews your VIP membership for $24.99 the following year. I purchased shoes last year and joined to save the shipping. I was surprised to see the renewal charge on my credit card bill this month. The info on the site currently says "The $1.99 price is a first year introductory special. Annually the Club renews at $24.99." It does not state that the renewal is AUTOMATIC. I read through the link where it said I... Read more

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Has anyone tried using this Wen Poduct & what do you think about it? From a black person point of view; I have tried it and it leaves your hair soft but without the balm its very dry and frizy. The styling cream leaves it dry and very hard. So please respond,would like to see posting from other black females who have tried this product. Looking for more responses from black females on this product. When i watched the tv clip you really... Read more

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I am so fed up with the ACN *** my kid is buying into I am posting this everywhere I can. It's simple, simple, simple math people. First off ACN is not a scam ...period. Nor is it an illegal pyramid scheme. It is legit, it is in very poor taste but it is legit. Think of it this way.... Upfront $500 say you buy a couple of products to boost yourself set up costs for each 50$ - total $100 monthly recurring charge say one is $15 and one is $40 say... Read more

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I won a bid for 2.5 gal beverage dispenser on Sam's Club online auction for $1. One would think - great deal- however, the email confirmation stated the shipping/handling fee was $60! Talking about price gouging and deceit!! When I called their customer service was that $60 fees remain even if the item was returned! How did a $1 item become $61? Totally unfair and outrageous! Be careful that it doesn't happen to you, and voice your... Read more

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I am a student of Penn Foster.I was accused cheating,because I progressed through the program rapidly.I am fifty-two years old and have worked countless hours for the last five months on my program,to obtain my high school diploma.I was six test away from completing the program when I recieved a letter in the mail stating that disiplinary action would be taken against me. Penn Foster requested that I write a letter explaining how I progessed... Read more

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So we bought a leather sofa from Bob's and of course we bought the goof proof warranty since they pushed it so hard. 4 years of minimal use later, and we suddenly notice that the "leather" on the sofa is flaking away. And I don't mean the usual weathering that leather gets, I mean thin little pieces of the sofa are peeling away and dropping off, in places that we don't normally sit - like the side of the cushion. By the way, the... Read more

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I was scamed by Chavella Kelly. Chavella Kelly is a scam. Stay away from this website. She is a part of two scams that has been shut down. The names of the companies she has promoted are and Their claim is to write business plans and pitches to find investor and/or grant funding for small businesses with an upfront fee. You pay the fee and never get a business plan or funding for your business. ... Read more

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I had long, thick, blonde wavy hair halfway down my back and all one length (no layers). My Crowning glory! Started using WEN in July 2011 because it was organic and natural and I'm ecology-minded and trying to live a greener lifestyle. My hair was beautiful and thick and actually became thicker as I aged, instead of thinning as so many women experience. I used the WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner in July and the first time I applied it, I... Read more

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I recieved this same letter a few days ago. It was a 3 page summary invitation into secret association of gifted individuals. There is repeated phases that this is a secret and warns not to tell anyone else. It promises overwhelming life changes. It immediately proclaimed that I had been screened and found to share same special talents. Their was no demand for money or any thing except to return back page within 3 days. I am not sure what this... Read more

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YOU ARE A SCAM THAT'S WHAT AND YOUR FIXING TO HAVE A LOT OF LAWSUITS AGAINST YOU!! JUST A HEADS UP.... This is a class act false advertisement suit, and all your information has been downloaded and sent to local law enforcement for further investigations. You are stealing from people that 'trusted" you and trusted your product. I will continue to warn people to have there card they paid you with "stopped" and have another one re-issued... Read more

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