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Nfl - Not Standing for National Anthem 1.0 Don't these spoiled brats realize that what the flag stands for? 1. The revolution that made the U.S. a free country 2. The Civil war that abolished... Federal Student Aid - Don't Qualify for Student Financial Aid 1.0 So I've never taken federal student aid before. I've always paid my own way. However, when it finally came time for me to apply, I don't qualify.... Megabus - Waiting for another driver 1.0 We are on the bus heading to Washington DC The journey start at 3:30 am from New York City And we suppose to reach union station at 7:45 am It is... Aarp - Fed up with phone calls! 1.7 WARNING!!! DO NOT ASK AARP FOR INFORMATION ON HEALTH INSURANCE! I filled out the contact me form at their website and have been inundated with sales... Dallas Cowboys and the NFL I have been a life long NFL fan. Jerry Jones has potentially changed that forever. I only stand and pledge allegiance to one entity- God. I love my... FEMA sucks! Hurricane Irma hit South Florida. Applied online to help my 81 year old grandparents for some assistance. Applied on September 18th. Today is October... Kaiser Permanente - Dirty Hospitals My mother was admitted to MedStar Washington Hospital Thursday, September 28th 2017. We visited her that Friday, September 29th upon entering her... NFL takes Knee The NFL cannot control their collective employees and I am finished supporting them in viewing, attending game or merchandise purchases not only...