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This property shouldn't be under the Wyndham umbrella. It's false advertisement. Customer service started off good but manager got offended and told me if I wanted to go somewhere else he'll call for me. He stated all I did was complain, complain. Carpet looks like... Read more

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Our State Legislators need to do something about Advance Financial.They set up this flex loan with this high *** interest with they don't explain to customers that it is compounded daily. You make a payment go back in two weeks and the payoff is even higher.This should... Read more

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Aarons Matress Beds Review
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Bed Bugs.. Nashville Tennessee.. nolensville Rd..order new mattress..they brought me a display from the store..with no plastic on it.. the picture is my back I also have bites on my face..had mattress before for 4 years..gave it to my neighbor..never a complaint about... Read more

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I am currently a dialysis patient at Davita. Unfortunately, I have been getting dialysis treatment for almost 7 years, and currently active on the kidney transplant list. I stumbled on this site looking for a active email address to send a email to Corporate... Read more

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Jk Renovations Home Construction and Repair complaint 169756
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To steal $1400.00 from an ex Navyman that has MS, is disgusting. BEWARE OF SCAMMER

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Most definitely..I've had two incidents where I'm only asking JD byrider if they could wait just a couple of day for time cause I had a death in the family and now I'm on my way out of town needing to return back cause they will absolutely not wait a... Read more

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Dont ever buy from Zulilys. Bad experience with this company. Their stuff is made cheap like from third world country. It took over a month to receive my order.They came all smashed up in a small bag. One dark item smelled so fish. When returned items they... Read more

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I own a small auto repair shop in a resort community I've been using jasper as my source for transmissions many years now I probably install over 100 transmission a year one day I had a older (1993) Grand Marquis's I called jasper and they didn't have a trans to sell ,... Read more

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I have had an HEB NetSpend for over a year and didn't have any problems until the past few months. As of lately, I have loaded money onto my card and not been able to use the funds loaded without having to call customer service every dang time!!! When I check my... Read more

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As of yesterday I resigned from Hazels hot shot.After 4 yrs of working there I couldnt take it anymore.Im warning you this is not a good company to work for.They don't care about there drivers at all.People in the office and upper management get all the... Read more

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