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Keller Williams Realty - Contract Mis-Information 1.0 Moved from out of state, was cornered with two Keller Williams realtors making us pay our Earnest money to the seller to let us out of the contract... Pep Boys - You won't believe this 1.4 I made 4 trips to pep boys in Dover De. during the week of Aug.14-18 2017. My first trip 4 hrs. before they tell me what is the matter with my... Home Depot not fair with military discounts 2.8 Went to the Dover DE Home Depot on June 10, 2017 to purchase my wife a $500.00 Pergola. I had my DD 214 which proves I am a veteran. They would not... Freedom Rides - New Used Vehicle 2.0 My daughter just bought her 1st real car. she was so excited, she's had it all of 3 months, been paying on it like clockwork, but of course they sold... Cheddars - Bad night out! 1.8 After waiting nearly 45 minutes for our table, we had been waiting some time for appetizer, when a waiter droped a tray of glasss right beside us.... Gordons Jewelers - Cannot get information regarding my order 1.0 I ordered a claddah diamond ring online from Gordons. I like to keep track of this purchase as it is a present for Christmas and was assured it would... Rite Aid - Failed to fill my RX again 1.8 This is par for the course with RiteAid. I called in to ensure they received an electronic submission from the urgent care clinic. After a 5 minute... Iolo Technologies - System mechanic premium sucks I've used SM for almost 8 years now. When I needed to renew my subscription I did it online. When starting the program I always got an error...