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June 3rd refund posted, following excuses received from customer service since then, starting around June10th: 1) Six-to-eight days; 2) Six-to-eight business days; 3) Check lost must wait until july3rd to be re-issued; 4) Check never issued because needed to wait until... Read more

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Terrible experience horse got off trailer with gash on hock both hind feet bruised and 6 hours late . Very inconsiderate DONOT use Danny Glidet Transportation then when confronted on horses bruises he stated that's why it sIds on my website Horses travel st owners risk Read more

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I actually had a good experience with town fair tire in Brookfield ct. Yeah there advertising is a straight up lie, nothing is free. Yeah they try to push *** tires on you, but i wouldnt let them. They got exactly what i wanted. The fees of course add up. However i was... Read more

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In simple terms the name BLT is correct for the flavor of these chips. bland little taste. However i do enjoy the other flavors like salt and vinager I bought the Bland with little taste on oct 29 .Isaid wow blt flavored chips yum. However it was dumb . I did not... Read more

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My original auto loan was thru Sovereign Bank. I receive notice a couple months into the loan that Santander had taken over Sovereign but that I could keep making my payments as usual. I've made all my payments on time and began making double payments in Sept of 2011.... Read more

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Get your act together !! I can't believe I have to worry about whether I have to get Cable in order to watch the Super Bowl here in MA???? You can't do this to us. You are going to lose business big time if this is allowed to be blacked out. There will be no... Read more

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I came in with my wife and my two young children my son was crying and upset and Adrienne came in and offered my son a toy to play with until we finished with our order he took the toy said thank you and was very good the rest of the trio you should hire mire people... Read more

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Achen Asphalt of Watertown paved our driveway last year. The job was fair but during the winter the driveway heaved up. They had to repair it but the repair job was poor because they had very little pitch from the garage doors and the cut and connect area is somewhat... Read more

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I purchased a sectional for $1,200 in April 2009. For the first year or so it was barely used, we than moved it into the living room about a year ago. Approximately 6 weeks back I sat down on the end piece and heard a pop. There is no longer ANY support in the front... Read more

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