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Sundance Vacations Promotional Offer Review from Wilton, Connecticut I just received a call today informing me that I had won the trip. Like a few other people on here, I went right on to google to check reviews. All I... Amerimark - I was told to send 19 dollars and i would get my order its been 3 weeks and nothing where is it .laura carbone 429 kings court west babylon.u took my money up set now really now i wrote u enough where my jewery if not give... American Home Shield - Necessary Evil ! 1.3 I am a customer of AHS and the customer service is worst in the business. You can never get across to their customer service. I have just dialed their... Thumbtack - Neckbones Photography 5.0 James Harriott, owner of Neckbones Photography did a photo booth at the Norwalk Senior Centers Fund raiser this past week. It was an absolute... Fabletics - TERRIBLE COMPANY! DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCT 1.0 I would give it zero if i could. They are a scam. They lure you in for $25 promo, which they don't honor and good luck trying to get resolution... Medical Transcription Billing Corp - Outsourcing to Pakistan = loss of your business So MTBC purchased another billing company I'm very familiar with. They purchase as many billing companies that this Pakistani owned company can get th... Poland Spring - Taste Like Plastic 5.0 Just bought two gallons of Poland Spring at a gas station, where I usually don't buy the gallons of Poland Spring water at. Opened it and took a sip:... Wesley Berry Flowers - This company is the absolute worst! Do not order for them! Customer service people are all in a fog and sound like they are on drugs. You need to repeat things like 5 times before they understand anything. ...