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Right At Home - Worst Agency 1.2 Right at home is one of the worst agencies. The aides minus a handful are lazy people who don't even do their job. The company is awful with... Charter Communications - Sorry, I changed to Charter 2.3 Sorry, I changed from Frontier to Charter. I got a better price deal from Spectrum and their Internet (Speed) is great but their TV SUCKS. Advertised... Frito Lay - Sun dried tomato basil chips discontinued? WHY?!!!!!!!! 1.0 Why would these chips be discontinued? Most of your flavored chips are unforgettable or bare no resemblance to the food they are trying to imitate. Th... Friendlys Customer Care Review from Wethersfield, Connecticut 3.8 This afternoon aproximately 2:10 I walked into Friendlys for a milk shake ,After waiting for10: (ten) minutes I finally was served (this was at the... Carmax 2010 Volkswagen Tiguan Car Review from Wethersfield, Connecticut 1.7 I had a miserable experience with carmax. I recently bought a 2010 VW Tiguan from them with 50k miles. The day after i brought it home it started... Guardsman - Totally opposite experience 4.4 I received a geode as a gift and immediately dropped it and broke the corner off of my end table. I called Guardsman, they sent out a form to fill... Greentree Servicing - No one knows 4.0 I have been trying to male bi monthly payments for 3 months. I have filled out the same paperwork 3 times which is no exaggeration. Everytime I get a... Frontier Communications - Customer service was poor 1.0 When I called and spoke to "Josh" about lowering my bill he flatly told me that they only give discounts and promotions to new customers to get them s...