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Why would these chips be discontinued? Most of your flavored chips are unforgettable or bare no resemblance to the food they are trying to imitate. This flavor was a taste all its own and were absolutely addicting. You discontinue any good flavors without any... Read more

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I had a miserable experience with carmax. I recently bought a 2010 VW Tiguan from them with 50k miles. The day after i brought it home it started misfiring durring shifting. I brought it to them and they said a tube in the engine had become detached. They fixed the... Read more

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Sorry, I changed from Frontier to Charter. I got a better price deal from Spectrum and their Internet (Speed) is great but their TV SUCKS. Advertised more channels than anyone, because they are duplicated three or four times on different channel numbers. It takes 5-10... Read more

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This afternoon aproximately 2:10 I walked into Friendlys for a milk shake ,After waiting for10: (ten) minutes I finally was served (this was at the take out counter) Two other customers were waiting. The employee took my order and proceded to take their order instead... Read more

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I have been trying to male bi monthly payments for 3 months. I have filled out the same paperwork 3 times which is no exaggeration. Everytime I get a letter saying they can't because of several different reasons. The last 2 times is because they said I did not pick a... Read more

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Don't ever buy any merchandise from this company unless you positive that it will fit properly. They do not honor their refund policy and are a very unethical company that should be shut down!! I ordered a dress and on the day it was received, I emailed the company to... Read more

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I received a geode as a gift and immediately dropped it and broke the corner off of my end table. I called Guardsman, they sent out a form to fill out, I sent a picture along with the filled out form. Without much delay I was issued a credit at the store I purchased my... Read more

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When I called and spoke to "Josh" about lowering my bill he flatly told me that they only give discounts and promotions to new customers to get them signed up. There was nothing he could do for me as a long time existing customer and that in looking at my account, it... Read more

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  • Jun 04, 2016
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Charged my credit card with out my permission after cancelation also lied about service capabilities of satellite internet just to get me to sign up charged 49.99and they didn't ask or did I ever agree to the charges

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I went on this program 10 months ago to lose 15 lbs. Its not a quick process. I lost about 8 lbs. The food started off being tolerable. It is processed and overcooked but most prepackaged diet foods are like that. The foods look nothing like what you see on TV. I... Read more

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