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Michael Kors - You expect me to pay for damages before you even let me know cost? 3.9 I brought my MK backpack in for repairs. It has been 3 weeks since drop off. I have not received a phone call regarding how much repairs cost. I went... Eversource - MONOPOLY - HEARTLESS THIEVES We pay our bill every month. I missed the current month (August) but received following month bill with both payments due by the end of 9/30. Today... Nbc Sports - NBC GOLD RUGBY PASS NO SCHEDULE LISTED No schedule listed for the upcoming season which starts this weekend. Contacted customer service no response used both email and Facebook contact... Bai Molokai Coconut Recent Recent Bad Experiences Summer 2017 4.3 I'm a big fan of Bai Drinks. One of my favorite ones to buy is Molokai Coconut, however lately the batches have been quite sour and off. One time a... Nbc Sports - NBS Sports Should be banned from NASCAR coverage 3.0 Yesterday it took over 20 laps to find out why Kyle Bush had dropped to 29th on a restart. They just forgot to mention he entered the pits while they... Watkins Glen NBC Sports Commercials race NBC sports number one priority is making money. They do not care which sports programs they are showing, the commercials come first. In a NASCAR race... Nbc Sports - Pathetic coverage of NASCAR by NBC 1.0 Yes, I said it! Every year since NBC has taken over mid-season for the now MONSTER Cup series, I find that I get more irritable watching a race. I'm... Carl Bochterle Harbor House Marina Stamford 1.8 Carl Bochterle is one of the nastiest, grumpiest most unpleasant people. It's hard to imagine why he was made dockmaster at Harbor House Marina in a...