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Eversource Complaints and Reviews 1.0 Eversource Cut off my electric after i made a payment arrangement with them. My electric went off 03/09/17 the payment was to be made on Monday... Resolved Linentablecloth - Fraud Company I have placed an order with on Mar12th for linen chair covers and on mar15th they got back to me with an email saying my shipment... Omaha Steaks - Lousy customer service !!! I ordered and they said they tried to deliver it to 93 instead of 92 so it was returned to facility and so no refund .I don't understand why they... Mcdonalds - I try never to eat Mc Donalds! Okay, first of all I have never enjoyed "Mc Donald's," I enjoy eating at other fast food places, but not Mc Donald's. I can't stand it. Trust me I... Arbonne International - Bad Business 1.0 I love arbonne products, I just don't like their business. They would always get my order wrong, and then when I wanted to send the product back,... Kia Motors Finance - Kia's failure to resolve their erros 1.0 I leased a Kia Sorrento and a few months before the lease was up, I got a mailing indicating all of the benefits of early termination to lease another... Porter And Chester Institute - Equal Opportunity 1.0 On October 12, 2014 I saw a commercial about PCI and I decided to apply, because I was having difficulty finding a job, due to my criminal record. On... Allstate - An agent who bought my business from the original agent upon his retirement. 1.0 As my business, 3 cars, a $400,000.00 home in an upscale neighborhood of an upscale CT. town, was transferred to a new agent, J Bernetich, from the...