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Food Network - Tv Show Review from Rockville, Connecticut I am not sure who is the person or persons responsible for the shows on food network but I for one think no one is coming up with orig ideas, come on... Bobs Discount Furniture - Delivery Service Review from Rockville, Connecticut 1.6 Ditto this story. The only difference is that the leather colored coating flaked off the edges in just a few months. Also bought the worthless good... Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Free Trial Review from Rockville, Connecticut I was told that the charge was 19.95. But was charged over60.00. What the *** is that? Lots And More - Abusive behavior at a local business The more I read about Lots&More in South Windsor CT, the more that it scares me that places and owners in this world continue to exist. I watched the... Experience Project - Thank God it's closed The Experience project was the most vile, filthy, disgusting site. It is closed now and thankfully Armin and his minions can't subject any more... Loft - Account Review from Rockville, Connecticut 1.0 Worst store ever!!! Have been waiting on a refund for returned clothes and it is now a month!! I paid cash which was how it had been paid and they cre... Big Lots Work Experience Review from Rockville, Connecticut 1.0 Im a employee of more then 4 years. In my time my family and I have been threatened with our lives and deaths. No one loves us will bury us for... Monster Transmission - 4L65E Transmission Review from Rockville, Connecticut 1.0 Ordered a 4L65E for my 2002 suburban. The first transmission they claim was built to support 500hp. My truck is close to bone stock with 195K miles...