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“WORST SERVICE EVER! Placed an order on Tuesday for Delivery Thursday for 15 overpriced Tulips in a plain glass vase for about $52.00 deliver times from 9AM-6PM. Also ordered a Fruit Basket total about $120. Flowers never delivered, talked to Brittney at customer... Read more

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THIS IS PART OF AN EMAIL I SENT TO "I ordered a bouquet and teddy bear a few days ago. Delivery was scheduled to arrive at the following business on February 25th for my best friend's birthday. {Insert Business location} From online, I... Read more

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I paid over $100 for the LARGE flower arrangement and the LARGEST bear....Also I paid EXTRA for expedited delivery.  Not only is the bear ugly, but it is not even the size of a medium fountain soda!  The flower arrangement looks NOTHING like I ordered and is definitely... Read more

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The damage has already been done. I ordered a nice bouquet for my grandma's funeral. I had rush shipped hoping it would come the same day. Unfortunately that couldn't be fulfilled and nicely told it was going to be delivered first thing tomorrow and got my rush... Read more

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called in around 10AM to get flowers deliver to my GF work she was having bad days. order from this company they assured me it would be delivered by 3pm. well it wasn't delivered i called them after 3 and asked whats going on. they were like simple we will deliver... Read more

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I thought ok I will order from You Flowers and it was great that they has a track system. tracked the flowers so I would know that they were delivered in time for Christmas eve, The tracking said delivered so I called parents and they said that they did not get them.... Read more

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  • Oct 04, 2016
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This company really sucks rip off

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In June of 2014 I was in desperate need to purchase a new adjustable bed with a quick delivery before my husband came home from the hospital. The mattress was purchased in Old Saybrook, CT and it cost about $6,400, I was told the mattress was guaranteed for life,... Read more

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Read your contract and then tear it up and invest with an other. Edward Jones has allowed an agent/adviser and co investor to take advantage of me while I was ill blocking my access to my joint account yet allowing a former partner to withdraw funds secretly. Now I... Read more

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Went in for a tire rotation & a tire repair (slow) leak on a 1 year old car which I purchased new. I had to pay for a new valve stem for the tire repair up front and did. Later I was called and told the tire had a bubble and the I told them to replace it. When I went... Read more

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