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Charter Communications - As The man behind me was also making a payment & he voiced his concern since the box was removed and we had to wait in line. Finally, at 12:09 pm was... Charter Communications - EXTREMELY DISSATIFIED 1.0 On February 11, 2017 I put in a ticket #02586563 Spectrum has disconnected my services on 2/9/2016 one day before I got paid and were going to pay... Charter Communications - New format 1.0 I hate how Spectrum has changed from the Time Warner format. This is more complicated and not user friendly. Whoever designed it must not watch much... Charter Communications - False charges on my credit report 1.0 I recently moved to another state and closed my Charter account. I called to make sure I had paid the final bill I had received at my new address as... Viking Range - Oven doesn't work - Viking doesn't care 2.4 To all prospective customers: It is very simple - you should avoid this company - they have no ethics and they don't care about their customers or... Treyarch Call Of Duty Black Ops Video Game Review from Newtown, Connecticut The new special weapon needs to be fixed in Gorod Krovi. Past round 30, the flame thrower becomes very in effective against the many zombies that atta... Progresso - Bone in soup! I heated up a can of Progresso Traditional Chicken Noodle Soup. While eating a bowl of Progresso Traditional Chicken Soup I bit into something hard... Sleep Number - Return policy is bogus After months of waiting we finally received the gel pillows we ordered with our bed. We slept on them once and did not like them. Since they were supp...