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I went to an open house at the fitness center a few weeks ago. This place advertisies themselves to being supportive and non-judgmental of the ladies who work out at their gym. First of all, the owner, Kristy stood behind the counter eyeing everyone up and down, and wasn't giving a welcoming feel at all. The next thing I hear is her talking to some other woman about who' *** was fat, and who looked like ***, and who they would love to see... Read more

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I took my 2005 Chevy Colorado to Pep Boys for front brakes, including new rotors. The salesman went into the system and quoted me the price, I agreed. After 30 minutes I was approached by the salesman who informed me that the job would take longer than expected due to the type of front end on my truck. Price went from $289 to $661. Needless to say I was pissed. I spoke to the manager but to no avail. He claimed the price quoted was an estimate... Read more

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Toco warranty rep assured me of coverage being that Ive been in the automotive industry for over 20yrs I asked specific questions to make sure Iwas covered then came time to put in a claim and they denied it. Telling me I was partially covered on the part. Who the heck covers a part partially. Now this part which I specifically talked about while deciding to get there coverage is only partially covered. That's a scam if I ever saw one. Do... Read more

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Without saying allot in words, be prepared to spend 400.00 a month minimum and up to 700.00. If you are 30 years old by the time you are 60 you will spend well over 150K at 400.oo per month. Its not worth the money. The front hair does not show well and their commercials only show the 700.00 a month systems. You are not going to get what you see in their pixs trust me...30 plus years and its nothing but a glorified hair piece. Shave you head the... Read more

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I am a customer of Raymour and Flanigan and had bought my Tempurpedic mattress, bedroom and living room furniture from them. I was at the Newington, CT store on 8/1/15 to get a bed for my daughter. On this day they had a raffle that I participated in by making a donation and was told that winners would be called the next day. Unfortunately, we couldn't complete the sale on that day, had to go back into the store the next day, 8/2/15. On this... Read more

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Just don't do it..Its hundreds of thousands of dollars over your life- is not undetectable and people will notice and laugh. They will sell you a bill of goods and you will be hooked. Please don't do it just be thinning or bald it will ruin your wallet and life. I have been a client for 30 years and I am thinking about just shaving. Bald is cool today so do not do it............Take your money invest in the market and you will be better off.... Read more

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I was looking for a law firm and stumbled across this firm, after visiting with them I found that they were just Scam artists, that are bill collectors, they are broke and have no money but they try to steal your money. The Worst Part is they are a family of bill collectors that is how they make money they take your money because they cant do anything else Horrible people Horrible company, if I were you I would stay clear of this firm. And do... Read more

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We started renovating our home last week. We started with the smaller project of our master bathroom. We were sold on the sales team that came to our home and showed us what Sears Home Improvement could do. Unfortunately what was sold to us and what we received are two very different things entirely. When we entered into the contract we told the sales associate, Matt that our time was severely limited and work needed to be completed... Read more

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This Law Firm is Hideous!! They are insensitive to the Poor and Homeless over a mere$1000 credit card debt!!! Their failure to help a very poor person, and creating a $140 negative bank account balance for a 62 year old person who had no recourse and has mental health issues which prohibited him with dealing with a matter for the EVIL Capital One Institution. Attempts were made to rectify this situation, but fell on deaf ears on London &... Read more

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Lost my treasured prescription sun glasses and being very fair the sun in the northeast is harsh. I had my prescription from my doctor with all the information and called and spoke with a rep to be sure it would be ok. Received single vision not progressives and called to rectify the error. they said I could pay another $200 on tip of the $180 I paid. It wasn't worth it to me so I used them as I could like driving. Had to buy those ***... Read more

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