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I went to an open house at the fitness center a few weeks ago. This place advertisies themselves to being supportive and non-judgmental of the ladies who work out at their gym. First of all, the owner, Kristy stood behind the counter eyeing everyone up and down, and... Read more

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Toco warranty rep assured me of coverage being that Ive been in the automotive industry for over 20yrs I asked specific questions to make sure Iwas covered then came time to put in a claim and they denied it. Telling me I was partially covered on the part. Who the heck... Read more

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Okay my husband and I went to Bobs in Newington, what ever happened to this place it used to be awesome -- my cousin worked there and the sales people used to jump all over the furniture to get to you -- I was shocked -- haven't been in for a couple of years but... Read more

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I purchased a 55 inch Samsung TV 24 days ago and I went to turn on my TV last night and I got a black screen and only the sound worked. I purchased an extended in home warranty and so I called and they told me the soonest date they could come was Friday. I asked to... Read more

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We started renovating our home last week. We started with the smaller project of our master bathroom. We were sold on the sales team that came to our home and showed us what Sears Home Improvement could do. Unfortunately what was sold to us and what we received are... Read more

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I used Moving Staffers to load my furniture. More than HALF my belongings arrived damaged, totaling over $10k. They refused to accept any responsibility at all. The pulled a technicality on me by saying "they have no control over who packs for them". What a total... Read more

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I am so mad at dhgate. I ordered something and paid 21$ for the most expensive shipping they offer (2-4 day shipping) it took 11 days to come and every time I asked them for a refund for shipping they just assured me it was on its way and refused to consider refunding... Read more

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They changed their product, now I hate my hair color. Help, what is the name of the former product? It isnt a secret.

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Women was so rude as I waited over an hour to get through to her. She then told me that it is my fault I didn't receive my full refund as someone else claimed my son before I filed. I told her I could fax over the proof but it would take a couple of minutes. She told... Read more

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Four of went to Chili's today and after being seated.It took the waitress a half hour for her to come to our table to take our orders. We all ordered the classic burger and fries. Twenty five minues later they came with our order and the hamburger and fries were cold.... Read more

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