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Verizon Wireless - Verizon sells useless product to my wife then refuses to take back after assuring her we could 2.7 Approximately 45 days ago , my wife went to a Verizon Wireless store in Old Greenwich , Connecticut to buy a replacement iPhone for my daughter in... Mavis Discount Tire - GREENWICH STORE ROCKS 5.0 If you truly want great service, go to the Mavis in Greenwich Ct. Walter & his team are the most professional crew I have ever encountered. They... Montage Furniture Services - Protection Plan Review from Greenwich, Connecticut 1.0 They are a rip off, I submitted a claim for a rip in my sofa and they denied it. When I purchased the insurance they said I would cover anything but... Optimum Online - Raised my bill 2.3 2 months ago Optimum raised my bill and said that the prior rate was part of an introductory rate available to new customers that expired after 24 mon... Tech USA - Review in Professional Services category from Greenwich, Connecticut I was "hired" to go to a job I spent $120 printing and faxing forms I went to the job site and was sent home The contractor had no idea why I was... Payless Car Rental - Customer Service Stinks Denver Payless - Lacking in customer service. I was the first off the shuttle bus only to find a line all the way to the door. There were only 2 cle... Hulu - The watchlist is a disaster 1.5 Listen to your customers! Bring back the ***, which was the best way to keep track of episodes I haven't watched yet. It's ridiculous you replaced it... Avalon Communities - They make their money by charging fees on the fees So, I recently moved out of an Avalon "Community" in Norwalk, CT. I received a final bill which had 4 months of utility and "utility management" fees...