I was injured all the way back in 1997. I was working at group homes for the STATE OF CT. This ended up being part of a strategic scheme by now-in-jail, Governor Rowland, He mandated supervisors to "run us out" instead of laying people off. (See Sebac Vs Rowland) I... Read more

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Amc Theatres Sanitary Conditions Review from East Hartford, Connecticut
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Braintree, MA AMC Theatre I must say is the filthiest theatre I have ever been in. Several years ago you upgraded, the cost to take your family to a movie here is not worth it. I normally can't purchase seats and when I have finally been able to secure seats, I wished... Read more

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I read the reviews of bad experiences, and I was a bit nervous, but his store front is close to me, so I decided to pay him a bit. I dropped the unit off one day, and it was fixed the next. My Pioneer VSX-8231 receiver had a dead channel, and he could reproduce the... Read more

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Intoxalock is dedicated to providing the best service possible to our customers. Since this post is anonymous we can't respond to your situation specifically. However, I can tell you that our lock out fees are less than half of the stated $170. Depending on your states... Read more

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UMG*$AHD has said I have been paying for this service since May and I never gave them authorization to bill me on my credit card. They have advised me they can refund me for two months only. I think this is a real scam. Unfortunately I have not been checking my bill... Read more

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Review about Jetblue Airways Flight from East Hartford, Connecticut
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My luggage and it's contents were soaking wet when coming off the belt in Ft Lauderdale on 10/24/15. It had obviously been dropped in a puddle front side down for long enough to have the contents of the front compartment soaked and subsequently ruined. Our car was... Read more

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Dear Theresa, We have read your review and sincerely regret that your experience with us was not a positive one. Our records show that we have attempted to contact you to discuss your experience. If you continue to have unanswered concerns, please contact us at... Read more

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AHMSI has not applied my payments correcvtly has fradulently posted a revised bill on line with a higher amount than the bill I received. Their customer care reps all lie. this is the worst company ever, my mortgage was sold to them last year, in 30 years I have never... Read more

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I have been so disrespected from a new training manager his name is cortis Goodroe he was yelling at me and screaming at me last night in front of customers in the drive threw and other employees he was screaming at me and another employee last night because we were... Read more

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I called Stereo Surgeons, first about a 1978 receiver I wanted to have cleaned up, re-calibrated, lubricated, etc. I started to tell Bernacky what it was doing wrong (tuner was acting up), and he started asking me if I tried this or that, like I was already an *** for... Read more

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