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Loreal puts false claims (accompanied with pictures of models) on their products! My hair turned really really black! It also has uneven tone - the roots are much lighter (although I don't have roots, since I don't have gray hair yet!) The ends are REALLY REALLY DARK BLACK !! instead of light brown!! I tried to die it again with a lighter color - it didn't work either!! I am stuck with it , don't know what to do!!! I will never... Read more

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I placed an order on Saturday morning (before 10 am) 5/8/10 the order said it would be delivered same day 5/8/10. During the day I get emails from them saying the order is being processed and all kinds of confirmations. At 6:37 pm I received this email from them: Due to the high volume of deliveries for Mother's Day, we regret to inform you your order number 00807459 for delivery to JUDY MAYKA will be delayed until Monday, May 10th, or... Read more

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I filed my 2015 taxes with Turbo Tax and in error I must have signed up for " IDNotify Tax Identity Restoration Benefits with Added Internet Surveillance Service" How is that for a title??? I have come to find out the Turbo Tax is a partner company of ID Notify. To say that I am dissatisfied would be an understatement. You are unable to contact these people by phone or email to cancel and you can't reply to their emails. I was on the phone last... Read more

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Hello. I recently (within past year), lost my house to short sale. I had gone through numerous sleepless nights because of Ocwen. I had 2 little kids at the time, and the daily fear of losing the house almost killed me... Ive been through forebearance plans, loan mods, and more.... Is this settlement over? What can folks like me expect to receive? When can folks expect anything? Ive read all sorts of things from $2000 to $1000 to less... I could... Read more

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Forever Lazy online advertisements. DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER This a classic "Bait & Switch" scam. DO NOT buy "Forever Lazy" from these scammers unless you can afford to waste $45 on their scam tactics. If you order 2 (which they say the second is free +S&H) you will be charged FULL price for the second. The total does not show up until you put in your credit card number. As soon as you do your card is CHARGED!!!!!! I called customer... Read more

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I decided to replace my old, problematic Colman Powermate generator, with a new, higher quality unit. After reading reviews on the larger portable units, my choice was narrowed to two manufactures; Honda and Generac. My electrical needs dictated a machine with a 6000 to 8000 kW capacity. Both companies offered equipment in this range as well a several units with homeowner, commercial, and industrial ratings. I decided to buy American (we need... Read more

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In January of this year I purchased a dressing table from Restoration Hardware. I stayed home from work to wait for delivery. It arrived damaged. They agreed to replace it, but still had exceptionally unflexible delivery policies ("We only deliver to your area on Wednesdays") and required that I again *** a day from work for delivery of replacement of the damaged item. I did that. Right after the deliverymen left, I was putting items... Read more

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Ryan Lemmer is a thief and is being investigated. Stay away from this company, doesnt provide service and doesnt pay his staff. He is a known scam artist who runs businesses to the ground. Please be careful.Many other repuable security companies to look to. if you want to get scammed then call Ryan lemmer, he knows how to do that well. Hopefully this will be the last time! Many other complaints from other clients/mangement/staff. Operates in... Read more

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I want people to be made aware of another Cydcor Office in Connecticut. Pinnacle Marketing just like Integrated Concepts, The Maine House Group, and Premier Management Group is nothing more than door to door sales positions. Pinnacle Marketing is also in the same office suite as Integrated Concepts (which you will find plenty of complaints about here on PC). Cydcor offices always promote from "within" and Pinnacle Marketing is a promoted office... Read more

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I am writing this to inform the Cheesecake Factory that they have failed miserably on customer service and menu knowledge. Yesterday afternoon, I stopped in to purchase a dessert for later in the evening. I asked the cashier, Shaquoia S., if the Salted Caramel Cheesecake contained any nuts or chocolate. She informed me that the item did not. I asked could she make sure because I have a nut and chocolate allergy that is very severe. She walked... Read more

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