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I am a Real Estate Agent attempting to assist my client with a short sale. Each time I call I get a different representative. I have been given short sale phone numbers that did not work, and each representative is less informed than the last and the rudeness and... Read more

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I filed my 2015 taxes with Turbo Tax and in error I must have signed up for " IDNotify Tax Identity Restoration Benefits with Added Internet Surveillance Service" How is that for a title??? I have come to find out the Turbo Tax is a partner company of ID Notify. To say... Read more

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I had water damage in my basement and my insurance company called them to tear out everything. They never told me before the work they needed the $2000.00 deductible UP FRONT! Had they told me that, I would never let them do the work. Now, they refuse to cooperate... Read more

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Brought a living room set about 3 months ago. The quality is very cheap. The cushions already need filling. They made 5 trips because everytime they came they delivered the wrong stuff. The delivery guys just dropped off my lamps still inside the box didn't even bother... Read more

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I am writing this to inform the Cheesecake Factory that they have failed miserably on customer service and menu knowledge. Yesterday afternoon, I stopped in to purchase a dessert for later in the evening. I asked the cashier, Shaquoia S., if the Salted Caramel... Read more

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RIP-OFF...RIP-OFF RIP-OFF ALERT!!!!! I became a member last year, summer of 2015. We have been going to Ibero Star Punta Cana for the last 4 years. After all sweet things promised, I got convinced to buy the Club membership. One of the things they promised me was a... Read more

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I am filing a grievance complaint against DirecTV. I walked in to inquire about my mobile devices. Upon resolving my problem the sales associate I started talking to me about DirecTV and how much I would be saving. Not until the contract what sign I was informed that I... Read more

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I signed up for them to call me and the called me all the time so I finally called back and the first sign I was suspicious was they didn't speak English well and they were quick to say they were with the better business bureau but I went to check there not associated... Read more

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I am currently having the same problem with BIC Warehouse. I purchased (or thought I did) Real Flame Gel Fuel for my fireplace and it clearly stated "MUST PURCHASE IN QUANTITY OF 12". The price was unbelievable low so, seeing that it was a clearance item, I quickly... Read more

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I placed an order with is company via The Today Show Jill's Steals & Deals, and the payment was charged to my credit card immediately. However, 3 weeks later I have not even received an email confirmation of my order, I have called for two days, all I get is an...

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