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Eversource - Disabled husband and 2 kids 1.0 On 10/19/2017 eversource shut off the electricity and gas due to bills of 460.99 for electricity and 158.37 for gas. I called to restore and was told... Best Buy - 400 dollars a year to(rent) a laptop 1.1 had a hp laptop for 2 years motherboard went, took it to geeksqad sent it out to diagnose problem 400 dollars to fix problem I said no way they... ATT - Switching form Verizon to At& T - DO NOT DO IT 1.0 PEOPLE: Whatever you do if you are a Verizon customer - please do not switch to AT&T - they will give you a big sales pitch that they will give you... Eversource - Worst, monopolized company ever! ABUSING Power (no pun intended) 1.0 I had my utilities disconnected on 10/17/2017 for a past due payment of $239 and some change. I called to pay the bill and have it turned back on to... Shoprite - BAD LUNCH MEAT 3 DAYS BEFORE 'SELL BY' DATE 2.6 I got so sick from the lunch meat I purchased at ShopRite in Hamden, CT. I bought turkey and ham from the prepackaged store deli. The sell by date is... Sears Home Services - Sears Carpet Cleaning Wallingford CT 1.0 Sears Carpet Cleaning in Wallingford CT totally trashed our carpets! The owner is a total piece of white trash who should go back to where he came... Home Depot - don’t buy LG appliances from 1.0 I was redoning my kitchen and needed a new refrigerator. So, I go to Home Depot, like every other homeowner, to shop. While shopping, I specifically... Little Caesars - Shame on you for shaming dad 3.3 I REFUSE to buy another pizza while this ad is on the air. It is disrespectful and undermines what should be a strong, loving relationship between...