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We bought our spa well over 10 years ago. It has been useless all but 2 of those years due to bubbling and cracking shell. We complained to thermospa at that time. We also found out they were in the process of suing the acrylic manufacturer they used to produce these... Read more

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The Attwood furnace quit working on my first winter trip to AZ (left Denver Dec. 6). It ran ok the first few nights, then quit. My first calls to Lance and the dealer (Kettlesen Denver) got me zero help other than haul it to a dealer. Lance told me that it was not... Read more

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My experience was horrible. I had injections and was improperly treated and to add insult to injury they will not give me my medical records. I have additional and permanent damage from the negligent treatment and have had to file a complaint with OCR reference my... Read more

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Stay away from Century Communities! Absolutely horrid customer service. It is beyond pathetic how bad they treat their customers. Excuses are never ending and the quality of the home they deliver is sub par. They make promises that are not kept, do not make... Read more

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BUYER BEWARE: The cool sculpting is an absolute scam that preys on young vulnerable women. It cost over THREE THOUSAND dollars for one day of treatment with ZERO results. Then the credit card they pressure you to sign up for in order to pay it, is horrible. They lie... Read more

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BUYER BEWARE!!! After cancelling my membership due to a move, I did not notice I had a small balance (well under $100) with Lifetime which had been left unpaid because I use a separate bank account for all electronic and automatic bills. I generally keep the balance... Read more

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Best Buy - Refrigerator Delivery never showed up TWICE
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On June 30th I had placed an order for a Samsung Refrigerator via, due to some reasons I had to call the customer service rep to finish my order. All the weekends were booked for delivery therefore I had to settle for Friday 07/05/16 between 4 - 8 pm. On... Read more

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$29.95/month - HA! I signed up 6 months ago and have been charged incorrectly every single month - my bill has been over $100.00 each month. Partly because of over-charges and partly because of *** charges they add on that they don't tell you about up front. Even... Read more

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Just had my oil changed at Grease Monkey; they tried to get me to purchase a brake fluid flush by claiming to show me the color of my brake fluid (little did they know that I just had extensive brake work done within the past month); they claimed my brake fluid was... Read more

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I called ahead to the Labcorp in Englewood, CO. I was told the test I needed would cost $50 and take about 2 hours to get the results to my doctor's office. When I got there, I was charged $200 for the test (it was the breath test, so I know I was overcharged) and 5... Read more

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