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Rise Broadband - Total *** Customer Service 1.3 I spent a week calling Customer service to setup a disconnection date. I finally got ahold of them on Saturday and was told that they had to cut my... Rise Broadband: Intent To Commit Fruad?!!? 1.0 Same situation. 2 day notice unlimited data legacy contract gone 250Gb per month up from 58.15 to 61.91. average down/up 3mbps/1mbps during non-peak... Peerless Tires - Will not accept oil and filter 1.0 I've been going to Peerless Tires for over 12 years for tires, oil changes and general maintenance of my car. I always bring in my own oil and... Rise Broadband - Soul-LESS 1.0 Just like the rest of the reviews, these f#cking soulless people pride themselves in making other people's lives difficult. Today alone, I spent 7... Rise Broadband - Stay away 1.0 If you have any choice at all - don't go with Rise Broadband! Rotten customer service - data plans will leave you bankrupt. Slow speeds and... Rise Broadband - Damaged house and no service.. 1.6 Technician got here at 9, sat for 40 minutes and left to go help another tech finish a job. Both came back at 11:30am and got a signal on the ground... Rise Broadband - Unethical Company 1.0 Please take heed from the other reviews. They promise high speeds but never deliver. I was paying for 20mbs but only got that for 2 days before it... Forest River - Palomino Rv Rv Review from Loveland, Colorado 1.7 Has anyone had problems with fiber glass exterior walls cracking?