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Waypoint Homes - When will they get it together 1.0 When is this place going to be shur down for having the lowest sta cards of business imaginable. I've had nothing but problems with this place. I've... Cigna - Denial of necessary out-of-network services 1.1 Every service my providers have requested from out-of-network providers have been denied. The most recent request was for a visit to the spasticity... Statebridge - UNHAPPY STEAMING 1.0 Nobody answers the phone on a consistent time basis when they are open. Customer service is my worse experience. The officers are short with you.... Statebridge - They know how to make customers upset!! 1.4 Ever since Chase sold my mortgage to Statebridge, I feel like I've had nothing problems. I get robo calls every month from them as a "friendly... The Only Review You Need To Make Your Purchasing Decision With American Exteriors 1.8 We purchased our windows from American Exteriors the end of December (2016). Our problems began after signing paperwork. We were initially quoted... Statebridge - Subterfuge for wrong doing 1.0 Poor customer service has never been made to look more authentic, when in fact it is actually a facade. This hand painted details, the three... Connect For Health Colorado - Did not warn people they will not pay Premium Tax Credit It took me 2 months of calling I finally got insurance. Doing taxes I discovered they would not pay the Premium Tax Credit . So I owe the IRS $6500.... Waypoint Homes - Dissatisfied customer in Colorado 1.0 Since day one of moving in I have been having problems maintenance problems they don't come they don't fix it if they do come out they say they have...