I recently bought a keyless entry Lockset. Had a new door installed..and put this. New Touch Pad entry Tru-Bolt lock set on. The lock now longer works and the dead bolt will only partly release so we cannot get into our house using this lock. What angers me, is that... Read more

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Hello, I have trying to get my loan modified since 2008. This weekend I will be compiling information to try and get a lawyer to take the case against IBM LBPS in a class action lawsuit. I will also be contacting local, state and federal agencies along with... Read more

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Rodan And Fields Reverse Beauty Set Review from Denver, Colorado
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I started using R+F at the end of this past May. I was so impressed with my personal results within (3 days), that I decided to join to get a deeper discount. I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience in this business and the condition of my skin... Read more

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well, if you have a Rush card i would STRONGLY advise u to get rid of it. On December 30th these non English speaking people placed a block on my card. I have them every piece of information as they requested and they still have not removed the block. i have spent at... Read more

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My husband had a full set of dental implants. and based on his great results, I then had my lower teeth done also. I had 4 front teeth replaced with a prosthesis, and it never fit right, and the rest of my bottom teeth were all a problem, and dental work was just a... Read more

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My family member recruited me to join the dream with her claiming this company is the real deal! I have a degree in business and job in marketing… I learned after investing $2,000 in product, magazines, brochures, internet access, not including the Long Beach trip that... Read more

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Wal-Mart changed their method of filling Grocery Pickups going to a central processing location rather than the pick-up store. This change results in receipts without a TC# so the transaction cannot be input into the Savings Catcher system. This is the second month... Read more

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I'm submitting this to suggest that Rodan & Fields conduct better training in customer service skills for their representatives. I encountered one at an event in Denver, CO and she was extremely icy, rude and unfriendly. What a turnoff to a business she's supposed to... Read more

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Complaint Description: I purchased a flight with frontier but Frontier refuse to issue my boarding pass even though I arrived at the airport one hour prior to departure. I purchased a flight for carriage with Frontier Airlines for May 22, 2015 for carriage from... Read more

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So, it's not fraud, but it is complete incompetence! You eventually get access to your funds, it's just not instant anymore... it's gone from being the rabbit to being the turtle! YOU MAY NO LONGER CALL IN AND AUTOMATICALLY LOAD ANY CARD USING THE RELOADIT.COM SERVICE... Read more

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