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Bad Pella support 1.0 Several years ago we purchased a Pella sliding door system and had problems with the glass and later the blinds which took several calls to Pella... Ford F 150 has bad brakes 1.3 Brake Rotors on my 2014 F-150 inadequate and dealer says its not his problem. Dealer turned rotors when they warped during warranty period. It did... Edens Moving Services - Moving to Texas 5.0 My family and I were moving from Colorado to Texas due to a blissful promotion at work. We have a lot of property, and it seemed like the most... Edens Moving Services - My third move 4.8 Ive moved across the state with Edens Moving three times. On the recent move, I moved from Denver to Oregon. The movers are fantastic and very... Advantage Rent A Car - Customer service is horrible 1.0 this past june i rented a car from advantage at the denver airport. advantage was the cheapest. but i paid way more with frustration, anger and... Lazboy - $7000 leather sectional and recliner Centennial Co 1.8 We purchased leather sectional and leather recliner from centennial co store. Turns out to be the worst furniture we ever bought. FWIW recliner has... Edens Moving Services - Well done 5.0 I had worked with Eden's Moving for a couple of times when I was moving from Colorado to Arizona and before when I had to move within Denver locally,... King Soopers - Store 21 in Glendale, Denver Carol S. (asst Store Mgr) I am a shopper at Store 21. I've recently heard and even spoken to a few if the employees that work there. The store has no Store Mgr just an...