DO NOT BUY THIS INSURANCE THAT IS SOLD THROUGH COSTCO. DOESN'T MATTER WHETHER YOU ARE VICTIM OR INSURED YOU WILL GET SCREWED. YES THIS IS THE SAME COMPANY THAT WE BAILED OUT IN 2008 and THEY STILL CONINUE SCREWING US AMERICANS! DON'T LET THEM GET YOU!!! READ BELOW STORY: I was involved in an auto accident last September 2011. This lady ran a red light while I was making a left turn. I was 90+ percent into my turn when she hit me. ... Read more

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I recently bought a keyless entry Lockset. Had a new door installed..and put this. New Touch Pad entry Tru-Bolt lock set on. The lock now longer works and the dead bolt will only partly release so we cannot get into our house using this lock. What angers me, is that there is no consumer complaint number to call and ask if this is an electrical problem or a mechanical problem. So what do I do? Is there a place that has instructions to repair... Read more

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I'm amongst many who have made the mistake of having an item shipped by FedEx smartpost. I did a little research, and it turns out FedEx bought out a small third-party company called Smartpost a while back and are using this service without letting you know in advance. I mean, I ordered something online and it said it would ship via FedEx, so I bought it thinking I'd have tracking and it would be here in a few days. WRONG!! The company... Read more

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Hello, I have trying to get my loan modified since 2008. This weekend I will be compiling information to try and get a lawyer to take the case against IBM LBPS in a class action lawsuit. I will also be contacting local, state and federal agencies along with nationally syndicated news broadcast and newspapers to make this known. I am asking for everybody to send me a 1 page word document with your story with timeline and crucial details, but... Read more

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I had used for help in my college math class. I am a returning student and have been out of college for 18 years. I also set up an account for my daughter. When I realized that neither of us were using our accounts, I called to cancel them both. They told me they would both be canceled. They didn't cancel either and called me a month later to ask why I had not been using my account. I told them that I had canceled both and that... Read more

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Rodan And Fields Reverse Beauty Set Review from Denver, Colorado
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I started using R+F at the end of this past May. I was so impressed with my personal results within (3 days), that I decided to join to get a deeper discount. I have nothing but amazing things to say about my experience in this business and the condition of my skin due to these products. ****If you should be aware of anything, be aware of these things**** 1.) Every Consultant's approach is not created equal. Can you honestly tell me every... Read more

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well, if you have a Rush card i would STRONGLY advise u to get rid of it. On December 30th these non English speaking people placed a block on my card. I have them every piece of information as they requested and they still have not removed the block. i have spent at 6-8 hrs on the phone trying to understand these people. u call an 866 number and it goes to India - and here's the funny part they give u American names like Victor and Ryan. U... Read more

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I went to mall and was pulled to the side by a lady about a flatiron. Mind you they had products that said NuMe and Ikonic. Me and my sister asked a lot of question about the flatiron and warranty information. And was told one thing but after we purchased it and the receipt printed said another thing! There is a $24.99 shipping and handling fee if there is a manufacturer defect in your product that you pay to get another product which we were... Read more

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I have worked for KinderCare since Aug.08, and I have worked within the Knowledge Universe corporation since Jan. 08. Since working there, I have noticed a variety of violations -According to Colorado state Law, every employee is entitled to a compensated 10 minute break for every 4 hours of employment. We never recieved these 10 minute breaks. In fact, we often are not given the time to go to the bathroom, but this has improved recently... Read more

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My husband had a full set of dental implants. and based on his great results, I then had my lower teeth done also. I had 4 front teeth replaced with a prosthesis, and it never fit right, and the rest of my bottom teeth were all a problem, and dental work was just a nightmare. I am a TOTAL scardey cat-even had 3 babies at HOME I am so afraid of needles and surgery. The whole process was so fantastic-I have had my "new teeth" for 4 years... Read more

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