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We went with Gutter Helmet due to it’s so called, “respectable reputation,” however our experiences with the company have been nothing short of a nightmare! We paid a premium price for Gutter Helmet and expected a high quality product and install; however that’s not what we received. After install of our new gutters they would not drain water correctly and leaked constantly! We called them out to fix the problem since they guaranteed a “10yr.... Read more

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Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region improperly installed new gutters, continually misdiagnosed leaks and will NOT accept accountability for damage done…STAY AWAY!!!
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We originally had our old gutters replaced due to water leakage with new gutters through Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region a few years ago (Colrado Springs, CO.). Our sales representative (Linda) had the installers (Zac and Scott) install the new gutters. After the install we continued to have water leakage, so I had the company come out (yet again) to fix the problem. This time the employee representing Gutter Helmet (Troy) cocked the... Read more

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ive been reading reviews before putting such an investment into it. So far ive seen alot of stuff that should be on a warning label like RX pills. May cause cramping, bloating, the runs etc... I also see more people commenting saying what a person did Wrong, like its entirely their fault. Some do take it & not change their lifestyle, but some just seem to have reacted badly to it. Everyones hormones are different & if you look up Natasha... Read more

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I became a Brand Partner after being urged by a friend. I was unable to sell the product and ended up with approximately eight unused bottles which I decided to use myself. Upon opening one of them I found that the pump didn't disburse the product. I called the company to request a replacement. I didn't even ask for a refund! The service representative, Mason, frankly told me that it is not their policy to replace the defective product as I... Read more

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i too had a similar insident that actually happened yesterday. my dog was pregnant and she wasn\'t giving birth, she was pushing but nothing was coming out. i was scared for her live so i had taken her to banfield hospital. at the time the only place that was open was banfield. we went there and they said she had a puppy the size of a lab and my dog is a chihuahua. they told us we had to do a c-section or the dog and puppy would die. they... Read more

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V2 Cigarette - V2 Pro Series 3 half baked, leaky carts, deceitful customer service
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I purchased a couple v2 Pro Series 3, wax cart, loose leaf cart and several e liquid carts. Not one of these items works properly or as advertised. Customer service appears nice, but I have found they mostly tell you what you want to hear and prompty do nothing. They have lied to me on the phone, email and their public message boards. It's a neat product, I really wanted to like it. Quick change carts, a loose leaf cart that actually works... Read more

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I too was scammed by Global Career Management. When I moved to Colorado Springs in 2005 I posted in Dice and A few weeks later I got an email from GCM saying they can help me. I went in and was told that GCM had the in to all the good companies in the city. I paid $6000 for what I could have read on line of gotten form a book. I had 7 sessions and then got a job from a recruiter with nothing from GCM. I thought they would market me... Read more

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February 24, 2015 Re: Failure to respond, Failure to resolve Ms. Larson (CenturyLink VP in Colorado Springs), I sent an email to Cindy Girtman two weeks ago, on February 10 (see attached). It was a fairly extensive email and I put a good deal of work into it. Despite Ms. Girtman’s prior advisement of “Please refer to me as your point of contact for any future CenturyLink correspondence. This will ensure your issues are received and addressed in... Read more

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My husband and I are military and we just moved into a new house. 3 months ago, we decided to try out Aaron's to get a washer and dryer, and a sectional. The guy that we talked to, John, was really nice at first and told us it'd be delivered the next day. We, being young and niave, were very excited despite the shady atmosphere when we went into the office to sign the lease agreement. He quickly ran through the payment options and we... Read more

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I ordered and paid for custom skylight blinds on July 22, 2011. More than nine months later, they were finally installed. Each time I called Lisa Foster, I was given some excuse why the blinds were delayed. First they were sent to another city, then her business partner told her they had been installed (when they had not), and then her partner left the business and took all the money. She said at that point that she had to reorder the blinds... Read more

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