This alleged New Balance company never made a concrete effort to respond to a plight I experienced pertaining to a potential employment issue. This misnomer company literally ignored me and blew me off after three (3) attempts to make connection. (A Telephone call, an... Read more

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I used this on my daughter, and she lost significant amount of hair after the first time, after that, when I used it as a detangler, her hair slipped right off her head. (When I used her regular shampoo, this did not happen, only when I used the Wen) In two weeks she... Read more

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I enjoy Panera sandwiches and paninis, as well as other items. Today I wanted to try their new Wonton soup, which claimed to have a miso broth. When I got it, I saw that the broth did not settle like miso soup, as usually there is separation from the soy bean paste and... Read more

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We refinished our deck with Deck Over, and it was a big mistake. We followed the instructions and viewed the video to make certain that this rather expensive product would be applied appropriately. The first problem we encountered occurred in the fall following the... Read more

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I was thinking of trying advocare but with 126 complaints and 0 resolved that is not good reviews and the company needs to up their game Read more

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The story is within this email I sent to AT&T. "My name is Trevor M and my account number was ************. I am an Apple employe who recently cancelled my service due to the lack of professionalism and empathy from your field representative Matt Veserra. I... Read more

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These people are secretive about their locations (wouldn't tell me where the housing area was located until I gave them more information). Once we went to the location, I felt like we were in a time share sales. The sales person (Christie Penny) in Parker, Colorado... Read more

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We bought our first newly built home from US Homes/Lennar in 2001, now after 9 years we were ready to up grade and put our home on the market. But after the inspection by the buyers we found out our main sewer line was a poor install, the buyers backed out and we need... Read more

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We had Karastan Smartstrand carpet installed with the SmartPad after seeing advertising about how this carpet cleaned up after a Rhino lived on it for a year. We have 2 dogs and needed something that would not stain or retain odors. This carpet was warranteed again pet... Read more

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The worst in management noise control dog *** garbage does nothing to help when it comes to neighbors who threaten other neighbors. 2 of the worst property managers work here. I have had to call numerous times, the office the security the police and nothing is ever... Read more

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