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Ace Rent A Car - I was robbed 1.0 I rented a car out of Denver Colorado. The rep said the vehicle had a full tank and it did not. Upon returning the vehicle the receipt stated my... 2 10 Home Buyers Warranty - Exasperating, unreliable, inconsiderate, no coverage when needed. 1.9 I have had this warranty company for about 8 weeks. I switched from my previous company as I thought I would save money on the premium. I believe... Estes Express Lines - Estes Pakage Delivery It totally SUCKS! 1.0 First there website said delivery Monday! Tues it changed to Delivery at 11:43 So I wait and wait and wait finally I call to have to lady give me a... Unifirst - LIES LIES and MORE LIES The company sent a rep to my store who insisted on speaking to me even though I was VERY busy and distracted. She gave her little presentation and at... Insulation4less - Staff is super rude and completely does not care wow 1.0 The rudest person emailed me back and his name was Jonathan. What a complete ***. I have never emailed them before and was looking for a quote or... 2 10 Home Buyers Warranty - 2-10 Home Warranty= SCAM 1.0 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty is a scam. Our roof sprung a BRAND new leak in the first 3 weeks living in it, and it was deemed pre-existing despite not... Sunglass Hut - Worst service ever! 1.0 I will never buy another pair of glasses from these people. I have bought several pairs (10+) of glasses from this store. Generally, like everyone,... King Soopers - Pharmacy not paying attention resulting in patient not getting medicine needed and suffering needlessly. Rude and disrespectful 2.9 On 4/24/17 I picked up prescription for 30 zanax. the rx was written take 1/2-1 tablet as needed. I am suffering from vestibular migraines and the...