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AMAZON.COM is a a market for thieves. Why Because they allow you to sell things. But the buyer can request a refund and then not send the item back. encourages sellers to send immediate refunds to conduct good business. But then will state not to send refund until you have the item. Sounds confusing i know. In the event that a seller sends a refund without having the item, the buyer does not have to send the item back. Read more

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This alleged New Balance company never made a concrete effort to respond to a plight I experienced pertaining to a potential employment issue. This misnomer company literally ignored me and blew me off after three (3) attempts to make connection. (A Telephone call, an E-mail and a Letter). I have also been a consistent customer/client since 1978,and even Ran for their National Racing Team for two years as a Professional & World Class Runner.... Read more

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I used this on my daughter, and she lost significant amount of hair after the first time, after that, when I used it as a detangler, her hair slipped right off her head. (When I used her regular shampoo, this did not happen, only when I used the Wen) In two weeks she lost 95% of her hair. 5 months later, it's just starting to come back. My daughter takes baths and also lost eyebrows and lashes. Read more

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I found the problem with my Kitchenaid dishwasher control panel. There are more than five pins on the switch matrix board that are not soldered. This board lives under the control board. I used to test and debug electronic assemblies for commercial and military aircraft so I know a defective solder joint when I see one. This is not cold solder this is no solder. It's no wonder that there are so many failures of "whirlpool" dishwasher control... Read more

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I enjoy Panera sandwiches and paninis, as well as other items. Today I wanted to try their new Wonton soup, which claimed to have a miso broth. When I got it, I saw that the broth did not settle like miso soup, as usually there is separation from the soy bean paste and the broth, but there was none and there appeared to be bubbles of oil. When I put a 'wonton' in my mouth, instead of minced pork amd vegetables filling my mouth there was nothing... Read more

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I was having problems with my PC running slow. So I picked out a PC tools program on the internet called PC Helper 360, paid $39.95 and had it do a scan. PC Helper 360 came up with over 1000 issues, when I selected fix, I assumed for $39.95 it would fix as well, not just diagnose. PC Helper 360 only fixed 10 of the issues and then it said “press this button for all to be fixed with the PC”. I expected to be directed to a page to buy a full... Read more

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The appearance of our home when we bought it was excellent. Little did we or our inspector know that cheap materials and substandard construction were used to build the house. Unbelievably, after 6 years, the 2 x 8 joists under the deck rotted since the company used untreated wood, even though they knew that the wood would be continually exposed to moisture. Other homes nearby had the same problem. They covered it up by painting the joists... Read more

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MyFICO service fails at worst possible time
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As a 10+ year subscriber to myFICO Quarterly monitoring that includes daily monitoring of lots of information to detect identity theft at the earliest possible moment, I thought I was being really smart about protecting myself. Every week I’d get an "all-clear" e-mail from myFICO saying that nothing has changed in my credit. I thought I had my bases covered. What I really had was nothing but a false sense of security. Across June and July... Read more

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I've been using Ovation for over 2 years now and at first I thought it was working really well. Lately though, my hair has become extremely dry with lots of split ends. Last summer I stopped coloring my hair thinking maybe it was dry from the coloring, but hasn't made any difference, my hair is drier now than it has ever been in my entire life. Will no longer be spending $30.00 for one bottle of shampoo. Can go to the hair salon and get a... Read more

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I've been a sherwin-williams customer for 17 years and I usually stay away from there high-end Paint. I always use their mid grade level Paint no-one needs to spend $60 or $70 for a gallon of interior paint. That is crazy. Now if you're painting your exterior Duration is a good Paint. I use it when I can get it on sale. I like to use Promar 200 it has great durability always covers with 2 coats not too thick or too thin nice to brush and roll.... Read more

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