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This alleged New Balance company never made a concrete effort to respond to a plight I experienced pertaining to a potential employment issue. This misnomer company literally ignored me and blew me off after three (3) attempts to make connection. (A Telephone call, an... Read more

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I used this on my daughter, and she lost significant amount of hair after the first time, after that, when I used it as a detangler, her hair slipped right off her head. (When I used her regular shampoo, this did not happen, only when I used the Wen) In two weeks she... Read more

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I enjoy Panera sandwiches and paninis, as well as other items. Today I wanted to try their new Wonton soup, which claimed to have a miso broth. When I got it, I saw that the broth did not settle like miso soup, as usually there is separation from the soy bean paste and... Read more

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So me and my husband bought the atomic beam USA and inside was a thing about a free gift NO STRINGS. yeah I guess there wouldn't be if there is no such gift. I searched everywhere for the "free gift" and nothing there is none!!! Why would you advertise for it if you... Read more

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I have no problem with the property that I rented or the management there. After moving out, getting our deposit back is horrible. After getting the "check is in the mail"(no lie) line.2 wks later, still waiting for my check. If I have them cancel the one they sent out... Read more

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The worst in management noise control dog *** garbage does nothing to help when it comes to neighbors who threaten other neighbors. 2 of the worst property managers work here. I have had to call numerous times, the office the security the police and nothing is ever... Read more

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I've been a sherwin-williams customer for 17 years and I usually stay away from there high-end Paint. I always use their mid grade level Paint no-one needs to spend $60 or $70 for a gallon of interior paint. That is crazy. Now if you're painting your exterior Duration... Read more

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The appearance of our home when we bought it was excellent. Little did we or our inspector know that cheap materials and substandard construction were used to build the house. Unbelievably, after 6 years, the 2 x 8 joists under the deck rotted since the company used... Read more

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Went through 6 weeks of jumping through hoops to get a refi done. One problem after another. We were told we would be able to skip 2 months payments (we wanted to pay off some bills). We were able to miss one payment. We were told we would have over $400 coming to us... Read more

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I purchased a sofa and ottoman/coffee table from AFW, $780. I gave the sales man, the lady that took all of my payment, address and other info, and the delivery department the measurements for the 2 different sets of stairs they could use at my apartment. One was... Read more

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