I ordered a "leather" duffel. Went on a trip several months later and used it for the first time. It fell apart. Tried to return it couldn't get a return address. Am taking the charge off my Amex and will NOT pay ever for this item. No way to return it, no address on the catalogue, nothing. SCAM. Do not order from this company. AMEX wants me to return it, but there is no address, and when I called I was told they are experienced high call volume... Read more

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Ikea PR is the worst! Especially the one in Carolina. The employees are some of the rudest and most disrespectful people I've ever encountered. They'll talk and joke amongst themselves, look at their phones for long periods of time and flirt with each other all the while ignoring the customers as if they weren't there when there are clearly customers waiting in line to place orders or pick up merchandise. If you ask them a question they say... Read more

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I used the pocket hose for first time and you will see what happen, Please what can I do.

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