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Absolute Proof Thumbtack Sends Fake Leads Or Requests Review
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Notice, they are all Lower Case (names) this is so staff doesnt have to waste time Capitalizing the First and Last initial (You used to be able to somewhat tell this way who was fake) ex. jOHN Smith or john smith .now thumbtack has gotten smarter by reading our reviews... Read more

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Bring back! It used to work as far as I know, before you redesigned your website, please fix this. Not having access makes me unaware of my payment being paid on time, and makes your institution look like it is NOT there for the customer. There is no... Read more

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We are having the very same issues with our Lance 1575 Anniversary Edition. Major water leaks through skylights and from front window when it rains.Had it serviced once and happened again. Absolutely zero satifaction from the company who are denying any responsibility... Read more

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FAHW will leave you on hold for 30-50 minutes, then you will speak to someone you cannot understand, or who does not understand you. I used their Messaging system to try to expedite the claim information and it took 5 days to get a response. Service technician showed... Read more

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American Solar Direct offered us a $3,000 cash back offer/incentive that was part of our solar agreement in order to match a competitor's price and secure our business. However, they have not paid up. Our agreement paperwork with ASD regarding the $3,000 cash back... Read more

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After speaking with our relocation company and meeting with the moving company they wanted us to use, I decided to take matters into my own hands since they did not seem to care about moving the contents of my home in a secure manner. After reading some good reviews... Read more

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I originally signed up with a Costco American Express Card for a 30 day trial. At the end of 30 days, they would charge my card for the program. I received the MagicJack, set it up and ported over my phone number. All good. But between my sign up and the 30 days,... Read more

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  • Aug 01, 2016
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This is my second time that Megabus was late for me. Now I still waiting at Anaheim for Megabus to San Francisco with almost 2 hours late, I am upset about that. My reservation # is 58-2362-080116-M11R-1230-ANA-SFR. Instead of leaving at 12:30PM, but 2:15PM, all of...

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Vehicle number GKE05013 I left my $400 Black Arcterxy Jacket in this vehicle. I am very upset with National over this! I have called and was basically lied to, I was told they were going to check the cameras, the manager was going to call me, we will make sure to get... Read more

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This is the the worst book ever ! Don't Buy this rude book The book is really annoying I don't love penguins they ssssssssssstinks I saay don'g boy the book this is a bad book I say again This book gets 0 Stars I say don't get penguin books Worst Book Ever!! This... Read more

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