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Sears Kenmore Elite washer and dryer 1.9 I purchased a Kenmore elite washer & dryer December 2016 & by April neither were working. It has taken 5 service appointments & I still don't have a... Windy Nation - Terrible Customer Service 2.2 I purchased a 1500 watt inverter from Windy Nation. So far it is functional but when I installed my own remote switch using their diagrams, it did... Bulbhead - Free Gift I was unable to find it. Where do I look? 2.1 Where are the details for the Free Gift???? I am no computer expert so I need a lots of help. Would you please help me? Where is your company... Gearbest - Sold broken item 1.0 I bought a fpv drone and the googles came broken.Would not turn on and the contrast stick was broken off. By process of elimination i came to find... Justanswer - Refund I just paid my $5 deposit but never got an answer. I want my money back. My oder number is 16718413537. I trusted JustAnswer. After I waited... Iherb - I-Herb Not Be Cautious! If you ordered the correct product, all is well. But heaven help you if you have to return a product. There is no telephone contact.... Patriot Health Alliance - Patriot Energy Greens I have been taking Patriot Energy Greens for several months and feel great. However, I have taken some sort of energy greens for a long time now and... HID Nation - Bad products & a joke of a warranty 1.0 I bought & paid for a lifetime warranty.WHEN i BOUGHT HIG HEADLIGHTS from hig nation for my 2013 ford c-max but I have Needed 3 replacement parts in o...