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I had a encounter with this group. I by mistake gave the Pastor wife my phone number and address. She started knocking at my door almost everyday now. She also stalked me in Facebook now. One day Pastor wife cried and complaint to me that she has no money to feed her... Read more

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Don't be fooled like I was. I just ordered a 7-packet sample of Patriot Power Greens for $3.95 shipping/handling. I entered my name and address and credit card number - and then I was taken to the upsell page where I listened to a male voice try to convince me to order... Read more

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We went to armando montego semiars, we paid over 15,500 for nothing, didn't get anything out of it..just a a bunch of lies, he kept saying how he was going to let us purchase from his inventory of properties at very low prices...a bunch of lies just tells people want... Read more

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I saw the infomercial today. I went online to check reviews and checked their website. Went through the initial stages of checkout to find all the details right there as you order. $49 for the first shipment, 4 weeks later you get another one shipped for $149.85 plus... Read more

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Michael Kors Romy Crossbody Bag Review from Valencia, California
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Bought the MK Romy Crossbody bag online via the MK site in late May 2016, within 7 weeks, after carrying the bag maybe a total of 20 times in that period (it was not an everyday bag) the Crossbody strap just broke. The Leather simply tore, not even at the sewn section.... Read more

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Warranty Solutions has failed to cover replacement of faulty spark coils, a diverter valve, and, now, my car's leaky thermostat. Although they cover thermostats, they will not cover this repair as it is the integral thermostat housing and not the thermostat itself that... Read more

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This is what a company in free-fall implosion looks like, folks. They can't even honor their obligation to pay their employees. How scummy, how low, how very...American Sola Direct of them. Just like a Brennan Mulcahy company to screw his people over long weekend... Read more

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Paid for a USB Hub from TASHARINA one answers, no valid EMAIL, it is a scam!. Walmart willnot do anything to resolve issue. Item failed ot operate, as did the return process. There is zero resolution when buying from Walmart- ONLINE. POOREST SERVICE..and this... Read more

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MyPillow really sucks. I got the standard/queen size at Walmart for $60. I thought it would help my SEVERE neck pain. When I first got the pillow, it was good for two weeks at best. And even then, the pillow would dramatically flatten out through the night. After two... Read more

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Tried Rapid pick-up 3x. First time was perfect. Second and third times nothing was ready. They didn't have the bread I ordered both times. First time they tried to call but the system had a wrong number. Bug in the software. Second time they didn't even bother to call... Read more

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