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I have been an independent consultant for 6 years mostly to buy the products at a discount not really to sell to others. My renewal came and went this March with no prompt or email from Arbonne. When I tried to renew, they mandated that I join as a preferred client... Read more

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Bought a pair of these awful black Drew or Cole model sandals at Costco. Transferred a black stain that lasted for weeks, despite repeated attempts to scrub feet with abrasives, chemicals, even bleach! Scrubbing sandals did not improve this flaw. Brown model does not... Read more

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When I went to check out the camp in T.O., the first thing that was said to me was that I couldn't do the 6 week challenge for lack of a better word I did not weigh enough plus my weight is my stomach. They offered the 5 week 15 pounds for 297.00. I felt that was an... Read more

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Brought fitness watch did not work for 6 months.

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Every month they get our bill wrong, since they have taken over. Each month we have to call and they have to adjust it. The service in inconsistent. They sold product without letting us know all details, such as you will go down from 3 phones to 2, as our new boxes... Read more

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I cannot begin to describe how disgusted I am with GoWireless as a company, their N.P. store manager Matt, as well as Verizon to a lesser degree, and I will describe our experience in great detail. Similar to what Patrick W here experienced, my Mother and 16yr old... Read more

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I am going to buca in Thousand oaks since 20 years ago.Recently ,I had a lots of problems with the take out.They forget to get the order or they are late for the food.Today January 19 ,I placed un order for a small Spagetti meat sauce at 2 pm Calofornia time.Once there... Read more

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I wanted to look up one old cost me $20, and provided me no information whatsoever that I wasn't able to find for free just using google search. They claim that you'll get marriage and divorce records, but that wasn't provided, and if I spend more money I... Read more

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They took over my home weeks after i moved in. Needless to say it's been an utter nightmare. My home is a revolving door for vendors at $3000 a month. The unit was rented with a non functioning fire place, faulty dishwasher and NO VENT for the dryer so essentially... Read more

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Called before purchasing a new car and was given a quote. After purchasing the car the premium went up for 4 cars ( all drivers with good records and over 25- 3 hondas and 1 2004 navigator) from around $1900 a year to $5200 a year. When asked why they couldn't tell us... Read more

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