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Same problem with Mylan lidocaine patches 2.3 Mylan Lidocaine 5% patches are only 5% because Mylan made them thinner. They don't adhere to skin very well and they are hard to pull apart. They are... Eli Lilly And Company - Review in Drug Stores and Drugs category from Sylmar, California 1.4 Aprox. 5/1/2016 submiited all required info including physician declaration to Lilly Cares for assistance to receive Humalog insulin. Heard nothing... Vons - BITCHY,RUDE CASHIER I had a price scan wrong that was on sale so when that occers and they checked you are supposed to get it for free? Lydia said NO and refused to give... Pauls Tv - Samsung Tv Review from Sylmar, California Purchased tv & warranty $299
Never used warranty garranted
50% back in store credit / now
Making calls and no refund
Call this a ( SCAM)
Keep Your Home - This program is designed not to actually help people to keep their homes but rather to keep the money that the government gives them to keep the ineffectual employees that they have. 1.0 Why do they not just call this albatross what it truly is a government work program who's sole purpose is to keep a finite number of people employed.... Home Design Contents Restoration - Shocked at the negative reveiw I was looking surprised to see the negative review when someone told me about it. My friend was looking for a company for another friend of theirs an... Summit Racing Equipment - DO NOT BUY FROM SUMMIT RACING!! I wish I had read this site before buying from Summit.
I ordered a sway bar and paid overnight shipping. the sway bar arrived the next day with no ha...
Rokitto Enterprises - With money dancing the dog When there is money the dog dances when there is no money you blame every one else but your self. We all look for the best deals. There are no good...