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Rite Aid - You have a fraudlant car theft on a title of cashier 1.0 You dont buy a vechile from someone who wasn't the owner of the vechile, and then try to sit their, and have her arrested for her vechile she bought,... Netspend - Prepaid Card Review from Susanville, California 1.1 Deposited 560$ with in a 1 1/2 months

Every deposit made from my Bank to this horrible company was 6 days late.
My bank showed that the money was transferred and netspend did not display money pending or "coming in"
Walgreens - Wal-Greens-Witchy hat I went to Wal-Greens to try on witch hats. I found 2 that I like, so I tried them on but the second one Had fasteners on the hat where I could'nt try... Regis Salons - Haircut Review from Susanville, California 1.0 My daughter had one of the worst haircuts at the meadow wood mall salon. She will now have to go to someone else to get it fixed. The young lady that... Continental Finance - The Jokes on Me Paid my bills on time of 35.00 a month. Paid a final bill of 30.89 that was all I had spent that previous month. Call on the 8th of the month heard on... Green Smoke - Bought the Starter Pack Arrived, opened it. Excited! Took my first drag, small and slow just like the packet says to. INSTANTLY puked all over my front room. I cannot eve... Dish Network - Constant billing increase! As a Dish network subscriber I have constantalty received a billing increase
In the first year of service with the Top 250. Even after contract reviews
Safeway - Snow crab. l purchased $25.00 of snow crab at Susanville Safeway. It tasted like ***. It was like freezer dried sponge. Must have been in the freezer for at...