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Yahoo - Liberals and illegals 1.0 If you say anything about illegal aliens from any country or the DNC liberal view , your comment will be deleted. No one but liberal's and apparently... Ringing Yahoo to get my Flickr account details 3.5 Stated that the number was only relating to privacy issues but leave a message plus your email address. Spark NZ terminated their relationship with... One of the best DHgate experiences! 4.1 Hello! I want to share with you a beautiful experience on DHgate, probably one of the most beautiful experiences for me! A month and a half ago, I... Yahoo! Account: Real first name displays; not Yahoo nickname As of 11 May 2017, after logging into my Yahoo! account, my actual first name displays for posts on Yahoo! sites and not my Yahoo! nickname, which... MACYS MESSED UP MY CART 1.0 I AM SO MAD. I was looking foward to wearing my north face hoodie. It was on sale and I was excited! I bough a black and gold one. A week later it... Terminix - Bad Customer Service 1.0 Rude and unreliable technicians. Technician came out for termite inspection. Inspection went week, but then went downhill from there. Made... Aabaco Small Business - Poor service. 1.5 They kept charging my credit card after I shifted my domain name to another company. When I finally noticed it, they said they couldn't refund... Yahoo Mail has now surpassed ALL others for its poor performance!! Yahoo mail is glacially slow, replying to emails is an exercise in frustration and futility, and it has become ABUNDANTLY clear what Yahoo's TOP...