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Sonora Regional Medical Center - Uncovered automated labs, no pre notification by hospital 2.3 Had severe diarrhea due to 2 rounds of antibiotics, was vomiting so went to ER. They took blood and gave me an IV to hydrate, but I could not produce... Sonora Regional Medical Center - Test gone wrong I had a spinal tap in July of 2016. I could tell the nurses were confused as to what test needed to be run on my spinal fluid. I even offered what... Encante - Scam Business I got hooked up with encante face serum and eye cream. I didn't know I only had 14 days to call and cancel. I called my credit card co. And they... Lyse Derma Cream Review from Sonora, California 1.5 I actually liked the product but nowhere in the "trial offer" did it mention automatic payments for monthly shipments!
I noticed the charges, never received the product as I had moved.
State Farm Insurance Customer Care Review from Sonora, California 1.7 A lady came head on in my lane and totaled my car and injured me. She hand min insurance. I used all that up . But i had underinsuerd with guess who... Walmart tires 1.0 Check the date of manufacture. I learned this the hard way. The last numbers from DOT are week and year. Walmart has sold me tires that are 2 to 3... Sonora Regional Medical Center - Billing Request 3.4 Sonora Regional Hospital - Some weeks ago I requested a copy of complete billing from billing manager for my surgery and stay 2/1-2/2016. I have not... Miele Washing machine, an expensive hoax 1.0 Brand new machine,never used.Installed per instructions
then test run:
cant open the door pressing the dooe button,all suggestions didnt work
opened it manually