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Shell - Employees watching movies on their phones 1.6 I went to the Shell Station to purchase gas on 9/15/17 In Sonoma. Two of your employees where busy on their cell phones watching something on his and... Featured Fox News - Megan Kelly Interview with Newt Gingrich I turned off Megan Kelly tonight for the first time. She has been a favorite for a long time until the last few months. She is not "fair and balance... The Walking Company - Horrible communications and Business Model I was happy to find this store with great, comfortable (if not overpriced) shoes. First of all, they don't have many sizes or colors in stock, so you... Progresso - Lentil Soup 1.0 I have LOVED and eaten the Progresso Lentil soup for many, many years and am a frequent buyer. It has been my favorite canned soup. However, it is n... Allegiant Air - Flight 527 Review from Sonoma, California If you like burning your day away in an airport waiting for your flights pilot to arrive to fly you home-- good luck
If traveling with your wife and kids on a budget vacation
Resolved CARFAX Fraud, Deceptive advertising. 2.5 I paid $70 for an "Unlimited" report plan, but it turned out to be a big trap. It allows only 5 VIN check, socalled unlimited is for reporting by... Patriot Health Alliance - Yea, I've been takin it. Like any snake oil, the placebo effect is pretty high. If you believe in the stuff- your body just says -"Yea! Let's do that again!" . Well, I cannot... Will never shop Walmart again I accidentally ordered the incorrect item for my daughter's school project, immediately realized and tried to cancel the order, but since it was...