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Okay, this is very long but I feel that it is necessary info for others who may be looking into Wildblue/Exede/Viasat or whatever they call themselves when choosing a satellite internet provider. In January 2013, we moved to a remote-ish location that has neither cell... Read more

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My wife and I are platinum members (50,000 points +) When we arrived at the Desert Paradise Resort in Las Vegas we went to the Platinum member check in desk. A nice young man behind the desk told us they would give us a 25 dollar gift card if we would agree to take a... Read more

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Ftd - Review about Flower Arrangement from Santa Maria, California
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Ordered flowers and balloons for husband's birthday. They delivered them a day early. What was delivered for the flowers was cheap and sad looking--nothing like the fully upgrade $65 charge for the flowers before delivery charges! Then the balloons. The website clearly... Read more

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I survived the laborious NACA process and purchased my home. In order for NACA to approve the loan I had to arrange an ever so "minor" A/C repair. I did and now NACA cannot find any of the docs the contractor sent them, who is already NACA approved. Those documents... Read more

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Louis Vuitton - Poor LV Quality of stitching /trimming
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I'm very disappointed with LV's stitching and the outside trimming of some of their goods this year . I was so excited and waited a long time to purchase my sunglass case MM on 7/16/16 since it's hard to get . After about 3 weeks it started to peel on the right corner... Read more

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I honestly don't think any of us would ever sign up for DirecTV if we actually read the Customer Agreement and thought about it. I just called them to see why I suddenly was no longer getting 5 HD channels I've been watching since I signed up. I was told they... Read more

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I bought a straightener at our local county fair and was promised the lifetime warranty That's the only reason why I paid that much for the product One of the plates stopped heating up and I could never get a hold of the person that sold it to me !!!! Such a bummer... Read more

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Hi my user name on mingle2 is mmontoya112 my account has been locked down I don't understand why I'm just a single parent trying to find a good companion. Can u please respond to me . Read more

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Modlily - Can't get the return address for a return of 2 items
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One bathing suit I ordered is so cheap you can see my *** right through the fabric. The other one doesn't look like the picture at all. All I need is the return address!! Sent 4 ticket requests and a request for online chat. Got nothing! If anyone gets a return address... Read more

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I first get in to the store and get the phones i wanted. Then i ask one of the sales assistance where do i get the emerson 32in TV for $148. She told me i just go to the cash register and ask for one and if there is none available then i will get a gift receipt to... Read more

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