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Okay, this is very long but I feel that it is necessary info for others who may be looking into Wildblue/Exede/Viasat or whatever they call themselves when choosing a satellite internet provider. In January 2013, we moved to a remote-ish location that has neither cell... Read more

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I purchased a new iPhone 6S+ on 04/30/2016 from the following store: Sprint PCS 1815 Hawthorne St. Suite 246 Redondo Beach, CA (310) 214-0500 At the time of purchase, I was presented with a card, and told by the representative, that I was eligible for $250 worth of... Read more

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Louis Vuitton - Poor LV Quality of stitching /trimming
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I'm very disappointed with LV's stitching and the outside trimming of some of their goods this year . I was so excited and waited a long time to purchase my sunglass case MM on 7/16/16 since it's hard to get . After about 3 weeks it started to peel on the right corner... Read more

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I strongly feel the Save Our Water Turf Rebate Program is unreasonable and unrealistic. It only allows for a max coverage of 25% of only 4 approved ground covers of which we only preferred one of the options. We also prefer over 40% of our small front yard to be... Read more

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I have dealt with BTR without any issues until this year. I advise EVERYONE to stay away from ordering from them. You will NEVER get your money back if something needs to be returned. You get store credit but then they somehow have a glitch and it disappears. You... Read more

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You talk all the time about how good it is to watch movies. Now see the video on what I see as far as movies goes. What do I have to do in order to watch? As you can see the error code. Not only that the box is getting a little hot like more than two people are using... Read more

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Why is it that Wal Mart has no problem accepting my money when I buy an item BUT if I want to exchange or return an must stand in a line waiting for the ONE employee working the return desk. You need to have more than one person working at the RETURN DESK... Read more

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I been waiting several days to get a Text message on how to change a password! Either on several items I tried iPhone, computer, and iPad with the same event happening" WAIT"!!! How is one going to pay the bill without seeing how much to pay GUESS?? Or better yet wait... Read more

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This plan doesn't explain enough. Does it effect downloading and/ or watching a movie? How about watching watching on movies on iPad or iPhone? Even on television? What about emails sending pictures? What is the amount one will gave to pay to receive this plan? Outside... Read more

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Modlily - Can't get the return address for a return of 2 items
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One bathing suit I ordered is so cheap you can see my *** right through the fabric. The other one doesn't look like the picture at all. All I need is the return address!! Sent 4 ticket requests and a request for online chat. Got nothing! If anyone gets a return address... Read more

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