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Okay, this is very long but I feel that it is necessary info for others who may be looking into Wildblue/Exede/Viasat or whatever they call themselves when choosing a satellite internet provider. In January 2013, we moved to a remote-ish location that has neither cell service nor cable/DSL. We were already a DirecTV customer, so we asked about the “bundle” that is always advertised. We needed a LAN line phone and internet. I am a full time... Read more

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My wife and I are platinum members (50,000 points +) When we arrived at the Desert Paradise Resort in Las Vegas we went to the Platinum member check in desk. A nice young man behind the desk told us they would give us a 25 dollar gift card if we would agree to take a 15 minuet in room survey about our stay at 830 on Thursday and we agreed. The man arrived on time we did our survey and then he said that he could not give us the money as the... Read more

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Ftd - Review about Flower Arrangement from Santa Maria, California
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Ordered flowers and balloons for husband's birthday. They delivered them a day early. What was delivered for the flowers was cheap and sad looking--nothing like the fully upgrade $65 charge for the flowers before delivery charges! Then the balloons. The website clearly states that it is an arrangement of 8 balloons. They only delivered 3 balloons! That's a big difference. I've called their customer service 7 times now. First, I got the flowers... Read more

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Louis Vuitton - Poor LV Quality of stitching /trimming
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I'm very disappointed with LV's stitching and the outside trimming of some of their goods this year . I was so excited and waited a long time to purchase my sunglass case MM on 7/16/16 since it's hard to get . After about 3 weeks it started to peel on the right corner side and the stitching looks like it's coming off , I take good care of my LV's since I pay top dollars for a luxury brand . Have own several LV's since 2012 like my original... Read more

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I survived the laborious NACA process and purchased my home. In order for NACA to approve the loan I had to arrange an ever so "minor" A/C repair. I did and now NACA cannot find any of the docs the contractor sent them, who is already NACA approved. Those documents have been resent and the head of the rehab dept. is very unresponsive. Now the head of the rehab or HAND department will not communicate with me. She told me I needed to speak... Read more

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I honestly don't think any of us would ever sign up for DirecTV if we actually read the Customer Agreement and thought about it. I just called them to see why I suddenly was no longer getting 5 HD channels I've been watching since I signed up. I was told they had determined that those channels were worth some extra $ to them, so they were now their own additional cost package! I went to the Customer Agreement and found that they can... Read more

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I bought a straightener at our local county fair and was promised the lifetime warranty That's the only reason why I paid that much for the product One of the plates stopped heating up and I could never get a hold of the person that sold it to me !!!! Such a bummer If they offer lifetime warranty they need to stand by it Read more

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Hi my user name on mingle2 is mmontoya112 my account has been locked down I don't understand why I'm just a single parent trying to find a good companion. Can u please respond to me . Read more

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Purchased a Blue Ox Sway Pro and special ball for our new Airstream. Hitch Source stated that a 9 hole shank was needed for the Airstream. Ground clearance became the obvious problem. All Airstreams have 17 3/4 inch coupler height. The Blue Ox hitch takes up 12+ inches below the ball leaving less 5 inches clearance on level ground. The most critical part of this hitch system, exposed to driveway & highway dips, are the U-Bolts of which the... Read more

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Modlily - Can't get the return address for a return of 2 items
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One bathing suit I ordered is so cheap you can see my *** right through the fabric. The other one doesn't look like the picture at all. All I need is the return address!! Sent 4 ticket requests and a request for online chat. Got nothing! If anyone gets a return address for them please e-mail me at as I would love to send their cheap bathing suits back to them. I told them I would even be willing to exchange them for credit... Read more

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