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Portable AC died in < 4 mos; Whynter wants me to ship to to CA?? 2.0 I bought the ARC-122DS, which worked as expected for the first 3 1/2 months. Now it won't start at all. I filed a warranty claim, and Whynter's CS... Whynter is trash 1.8 BROKEN and TRYING TO USE WARRANTY WITHIN 3 MONTHS! Purchased at Jet website (authorized). Where do I start? The warranty is a lie, the customer... Frontier Communications - Terrible 1.0 Worst Phone Company ever. The disconnected our phone lines and then can't get them active again. Said the did a system scrub and they took out... Whynter - Terrible warranty service/ Canadians beware! 1.0 Bought a Whynter wine fridge through Amazon Canada. It worked for six months and died. Was told by Whynter that I needed to pay to have it shipped to... Mike Thompson Rv - Their Service Dept is a Joke 2.0 Bought my 2017 Forester this May with extended warranty. Found some cabinet problems right on the delivery. Was told the service dept will fix this.... Frontier Communications - They LIED 1.2 I recently called Frontier for a new quote on cable and internet. After about an hour on the phone with Christina, I got the quote to $50 a month... Bravo Sports - Canopy fails catastrophically in rain 1.0 I Left a canopy up over a couple of days of light rain. The canopy support members failed and the canopy collapsed. The unit was a few weeks old, but... Terminix - Not doing that they were paid for 1.0 I called terminix when I discovered there was a pussum in my basement. They sent out an inspector to assess the problem. We went to the basement...