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I'm one of a leader's wife. I'm writing this anonymously for my safety and inoder to protect innocent lives falling into Pathway's scam. Women and children in Pathway Bible Church are undergoing tremendos spritual abuse everyday. We were forced to pretent as normal... Read more

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me speech no good english. i work chines massage. i know god and son jesus christ china. i go this church month. pastor ask money all time he talk to god for my massage business good. i say no money pastor say my kids god kill. me afraid give money. please help. me... Read more

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Filled with narcissistic leadership.They act innocent at the beginning to know you. Be careful do you share any of your personals with them. This group uses tyrant tactics to scam peoples their money, I was forced to buy expensive gifts for leaders, i'm asked to bring... Read more

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Absolutely horrible predatory scam loan company. It just does not get any worse than this. Hard to understand why this is legal--I have a feeling they are not long in this world. I tried it out and should have read the fine print--but there really wasn't anything at... Read more

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TOTAL SCAM The 6wk 20b challenge takes commitment- no question. I work 2 jobs and still made time for workouts at The Camp 5 days/wk & for meal prep every sunday. The commitment was there. My understanding was that if I lose 20lbs in 6weeks and meet the min # of... Read more

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Nimrod building his own Church Pathway to reach haven. Pastors selling passports to Haven for those who fall in their feet and worship their idolatry. First class tickets to haven are sold here for those give more money to build pastors own dream Tower. For such men... Read more

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In Mathew Jesus talks about foolish builder who build his house on sand and the house got destroyed through wind and storm. This foolish Pastors build their Church on greediness and God destroyed their temple. Matthew 7:25-27 ... is like a foolish man who built his... Read more

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I found myself unemployed and desperate in 2011 after my temp contract was not renewed. In my desperation, I turned to Charter College in Canyon Country, CA for an opportunity. The admissions counselor, whose name I cannot remember and was gone within two months of my... Read more

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For now on I will refer to this scam of a kiosk as the "One Tray Bandit." And no, I'm not referring to the machine's cash fee. So I've been saving up coins for the better part of a year and a half. I thought now was the time to cash them in. In the past I would roll... Read more

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Joining the camp was the best decision I've ever made for myself. After, I found myself failing at loosing weight, i joined a medical weight loss program and at every visit they were pushing shots and pills on me. After 9 weeks a nurse asked why are you coming here if... Read more

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