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Doordash - Worst expierence ever 1.0 On 9/22/2017 I ordered food and never received it and was told I cant find you I'm in the security room and what position are you in... I was... Malwarebytes Customer Service is a total FAILURE 2.8 Malwarebytes' Customer Support is a TOTAL FAILURE. Is Kevin Goodwin even a real person or is he an algorithm on some server stuffed away in a... Malwarebytes - Malwarebyte anti-virus lifetime license 4.2 I've had the lifetime license from 2010 i think and just last week an update came in and as soon as i updated my license became a thing of the past... Mcafee does not care about there customers 2.2 I been trying for over a week to get help with an issue that they have ( there issue not mine) which came in a update ( not fully tested) they can... Doordash - Good and bad I've been using DoorDash for a couple years. I've never had any problems since the beginning when they messed up my delivery address. Tonight I... Malwarebytes Customer Service is terrible 3.9 I have been emailing Malwarebytes for over 7 months trying to get my lifetime license product back. I have owned the Lifetime version of Malwarebytes... Malwarebytes only bytes your money! 1.0 This company is a sham don't purchase any of the services! Not an American company with very bad customer service, most of the so called specialist... Kaiser Permanente - Kaiser = GREEDY + INCOMPETENT 1.0 After a severe car accident, multiple x-rays, dozens of "doctors" & several days in a *** whole of a hospital. I was discharged to a rehabilitation...