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Old Republic Home Warranty - Hot Water Heater Claim Denied 1.0 I have just experienced pure "***" with Old Republic Home Protection. My water heater, which is 3 years old, needs to have the control valve... Old Republic Home Warranty - Terrible experience 1.0 We bought a home that came with a one year plan . Having no warranty would be way way better. We had three claims in first nine months of the... Old Republic Home Warranty - Terrible service from Old republic 1.0 We have a home warranty with old republic. We called them about a leaking water heater in our home in Florida. It took two days for them to get a... Old Republic Home Warranty - Poor Service on both ends of the business 1.0 Had setup appointment for Plumber to come out to look at toilet. When we flush it backs up into the walk-in shower in the bathroom. The plumber tries... Lifestyle Lift - Glad they are out of buisness 1.0 I had a lift and it needed to be redone. The second lift made it worse and now there is this bunched up skin under my chin. I wish there was someone... BikeBerry - Don't buy from these guys!!! 2.3 Bought a Gigabyke from this company.
First of all the battery was cracked and it came in the wrong color.
Contacted company - battery and panels returned and company shipped new ones....
Macys - Horrible customer service and deceiving business practice. 1.5 Never shop Macy's online again. After placing an order online for 15 min, you can no longer change or cancel it. The only way to change an order is... Mlo Exam - Bad Material Bad Customer Service 1.3 I purchased access to test prep from They published great testimonials and really good marketing material. However, after paying for the...