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Ralphs - Terrible Customer Service at Ralph's San Pedro, CA On Sept 9, 2017 at around 9 a.m. I entered the San Pedro, CA Ralph's to get rid of some overflowing change from my coin bucket via CoinStar and pick... Vtech phones are garbage and so is their customer service I tragically purchased a vtech model CS6409 cordless system with 4 handsets. Before long one handset went bad, the screen remaining blank. After... LifeStyle Lift *** job! I had a LifeStyle Lift in 2014 and it left me with a paralized forhead, eyebrow area and drooping eye. This place needs to be shut down. This is my fa... Gearbest - Bluetooth Device Review from San Pedro, California Order#wwp1610071135504084
I did not receive my item
Keep Your Home - Customer Care Review from San Pedro, California My two cents
KYHC has got to be a survey to surgically target at risk homeowners to fleece them. My house is now being listed as late or failed to pay.
011Now - This is a scam - DO NOT ACCESS I signed up to call a country in south america at their listed rate of
.025 per minute. The actual rate seems to be closer to .70 per minute. I foll...
Ralphs - Deli Service I live only about a block from Ralph's on Western in San Pedro and have been shopping there for about seven years. It's generally a good store, but th... Naca - Hurry up and wait ... then start over again I have been with NACA over one year now. I submitted EVERYTHING that was requested of me on time every time. I kept each appointment. And each one...