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Applied online using a "lender matching service". Calls start, stating "Your loan has been approved up to $10,000. To avail, please call 415-742-8232." I take a chance, and call. Because I have heard of an actual, Legitimate company named Lending Club. This... Read more

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Tradesy: Worst Buy/Sell Company out there
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I had posted a Louis Vuitton belt (brand new WITHOUT tags) on Tradesy. Immedietly, a woman was interested in the belt and i lowered the price for her so it'd sell right away. the woman received the belt, and a day later complained to tradesy saying the item was not as... Read more

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I must admit, the huckster Lindell, gushing over his "miracle" pillow, is a slick little piece of marketing work. He comes off just like the archetypal homespun guy next door who likes to tinker with ideas in the garage workshop. Then he overplays his hand with the BS... Read more

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Ross Dress For Less - Does Ross stores sell products that we can use for two months?
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I Ross store your company ( u.s.Polo assn shoes) I bought it dated 11/25/2016 But the shoes was broken in 2 months ( why? 01/26/2017 I went to the san mateo store , I store manager lady talking Change the Faulty shoes, I want to return , But nothing never interest I... Read more

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Ugh, this is going downhill. If you keep removing things, then you might lose a lot of customers. -Removed old themes (right-click on the video maker for a surprise) -Removed voices TWO times (a call stated they decided not to renew voices) -Removed comments, and many... Read more

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My name os setena rodriguez. I am telling you good people honest people who work hard for your money and pay your bills. Do not fall for this scam called luminess air. I was watching tv late at night the commercial comes on saying get your luminess air for the special... Read more

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First off let me just say that I've worked at some of these companies. I'm here to explain to you how to secure your Windows machine. First things first, STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER AND EDGE!! They are the gateway to every malware infection known to man on a Windows... Read more

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Hello, my username on roblox is junniee. Today at 11:50pm my account was hacked during two trades by a fellow user called 'parchmently'. I was scammed out of two of my blue wistful wink, crazybot 10000, bucket of the sea, ameriphones, true love smile, lost boy of... Read more

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Hello, I purchased a wig from Natural Hair Crafts Factory in November 2016. After receiving the wig, the length was too short, and I e-mailed the seller Evan Zhang who instructed me to return it. I sent money via Paypal to pay for another wig which I ordered in 20... Read more

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I have been a loyal customer on Goanimate for Schools for many years. However, the CEO of the said website, Alvin Hung, suddenly decides to delete all of the amazing themes we have been using, so the website can "upgrade" to HTML 5. Instead, they give us a very poorly... Read more

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