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ATT - Lies and deceit 1.4 I was told the tablet was free to just to pay a monthly service charge 10 bucks a month plus insurance, nothing about a 2 year contract or i would... RITZ crackers now SUCK! The new version of the Ritz cracker is much thinner and crumbles apart. They taste like *** too. Notice the difference in the attached pictures. ... Avis - Charged additional fees anyway 1.3 Through my employer, I rented a mid-size sedan for 3 days at Columbus, Ohio airport. When asked if I wanted the additional insurance, I stated that I... Directv - Called a Liar 1.0 I ordered the Mcgreggor/Diaz fight three hours before it started on 8/20. At 7pm when it was supposed to start, it didn't. I called and they told me... Luminess Air - Airbush Makeup Review from San Luis Obispo, California 1.7 It does NOT COVER DARK SPOTS
I am so disappointed with the company.
They make it look like the coverage will really work...but even my sun spots sh...
American Airlines - No more American; next time, Southwest 1.7 So, we canceled a ticket to Houston a year ago, because of a death in the family, and got credit. Only, with American, credit isn't really credit, be... Smurr Law Office - ATTORNEY, VERY INCOMPETENT REPRESENTATION Hired this lawyer Smurr Law, worst representation you can imagine, takes your retainer upwards of $15000 or more for criminal representation, and prov... Coldwater Creek - SORRY I ORDERED FROM THIS COMPANY I ordered a dress for approx 70.00 which was shipped. I shortly thereafter discovered that the company had placed 3 prior authorizations plus the...