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Dear Jennwatts, We are sorry you have such a low opinion of us. We are absolutely committed to our patients' satisfaction, both with their experience and their results. Our physicians are dedicated to their patients and the results achieved. We aim to be transparent, and all of our doctors, including their curriculum vitaes, are posted on our website. Please contact us to discuss your individual experience and what we can do to help. Our email... Read more

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I recently purchased a samsung french door, bottom freezer and the trouble began within a month or two and has continued the entire 1st year. I recently learned that the company has sold refrigerators since 2005 with defected coils which freeze and the refrigerator cannot maintain temperature. A class action suit was filed in 2010 by consumers. In addition to purchasing a Lemon at Sears, the repair company has been a nightmare. Numerous... Read more

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Beware of DubLi and DubLi Network! I joined DubLi Network with the promise to make money from their online shopping mall and online auctions. Sounded good at first but then after a few months I found out it was all a big scam. They actually make all their money selling kits to new BAs like me and not off any product. I have heard this is illegal but they keep doing it. Then it got worse. They are publically traded under DUBL and they made... Read more

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Today i went to walmart for some items,at the register the girl gave me Walmart congratulation!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED TO ENTER ON LINE SURVEY. THE GIRL CASHIER SAID WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW YOUR VISIT WITH US WAS TODAY.SHE SAID ON THE TOP OF MY RECEIPT YOU WILL FINE WERE TO GO ON THE WEB SITE, WHICH THAT IS THE FOLLOWING. HTTP; www,survey, me this make walmart look bad,I want you to have my email address so you can respond... Read more

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Please see attached the chart page from a Transamerica Financial Foundation Indexed Universal Life (FFIUL) policy. A California WFG agent sold this policy to a client earlier this year. Transamerica buries this very important chart deep down in its policy paperwork. This chart's numbers are Cost of Insurance (COI) charges. Carriers also call them Mortality Charges. For Universal Life (UL) policies--like the FFIUL--COI charges are a constant--and... Read more

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GE Capital changed their website and I tried for 20 minutes to get on their new site and it kept sayign that it did not recognize me and then when I finally got the *** thing to let me in there was an account that I never signed up for and I also needed help on the site, so I called the number on the back of my card. I was on hold for 20 minutes and when I did get a live person, I might as well still be on hold. I spoke with Caroline, who of... Read more

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NCO Financial Systems is nothing but a scam!! Do not listen to a word they're saying. I got a letter in the mail saying they were collecting for on a debt for IDT Telecom. I called them and they said it was for an account back in 2002!! I haven't even been with IDT. Then I call IDT and gave them the "account number" that was on the letter....they had no record of that account or my name! So I called up NCO Financial again and told them what I... Read more

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hi i just wanted to share with all of people who fall into trap of this fake consultancies and ruined their life from home we think of diff drms and this *** ruined them one was bartronics america and now the second one id BA TECHNO links run by idiots whose only motive is to money either way they can get it one *** is RAGHU who who tells you about sweets words intially den lately shows the real colors these mo***R F****R dont pay u gud and... Read more

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When I first got my dog I knew very little of them and bought the collar and the dvd apart from the training being completely ineffective the collar caused physical harm to my dog.I put it on her once and it seemed fine he sure slowed down but the second time he wore it he was bleeding when I took it off if him!Since then I have taken a course I. Dog training and have myself become a different trainer in the course I learned that the prong... Read more

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I bought the Roca Lab product to tried it out. Unfortunately, I had gastrointestinal side effects from the product. Therefore, I emailed the "chat" line with a simple question about the return policy. Now, I admit that I did not read closely the return product but the message I received was rude, demeaning, and definitely not supportive. Here is the my point of this complaint. I spent a lot of money and do not expect to be treated in... Read more

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