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Dear Jennwatts, We are sorry you have such a low opinion of us. We are absolutely committed to our patients' satisfaction, both with their experience and their results. Our physicians are dedicated to their patients and the results achieved. We aim to be transparent,... Read more

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Please see attached the chart page from a Transamerica Financial Foundation Indexed Universal Life (FFIUL) policy. A California WFG agent sold this policy to a client earlier this year. Transamerica buries this very important chart deep down in its policy paperwork.... Read more

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I recently purchased a samsung french door, bottom freezer and the trouble began within a month or two and has continued the entire 1st year. I recently learned that the company has sold refrigerators since 2005 with defected coils which freeze and the refrigerator... Read more

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GE Capital changed their website and I tried for 20 minutes to get on their new site and it kept sayign that it did not recognize me and then when I finally got the *** thing to let me in there was an account that I never signed up for and I also needed help on the... Read more

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I work as a Financial Advisor in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you bought a product through World Financial Group, it’s urgent you seek a fiduciary to verify that: - you paid and continue to pay a fair price, - you bought a competitive product, - you can... Read more

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I agreed. Shut down the wfg. By they way. WFG used to by WMA. World Marketing Allian. I was there 15 yrs ago joined 1 night. Paid the fees then got out. They got shut down from wma then changed it to wfg then got shut down again about 8 yrs ago. And now it's back... Read more

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...or at least high-profile WFG contractor-agents. It’s not “if” but WHEN Aegon/Transamerica formally cuts its ties with World Financial Group and sheds it, like Citi did with Primerica in 2009. We may well see more cause to pursue WFGers than Herbalife.... Read more

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World Financial Group - Buyer BEWARE!
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Notice how almost all customer complaints against WFG agents get denied? In the review yesterday, How WFGers RIP YOU OFF!, the author talks about looking up WFG agents in Finra’s BrokerCheck. If you think your WFG agent lied to you and cheated you, you may be forced... Read more

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The first thing I saw was a small child of 5 crying and looking for his mother in the Kumon parking lot. I told him to please take a seat with us inside the Kumon center and we would wait for his mother together. She did come after about 5 minutes. Then we went in for... Read more

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Beware of DubLi and DubLi Network! I joined DubLi Network with the promise to make money from their online shopping mall and online auctions. Sounded good at first but then after a few months I found out it was all a big scam. They actually make all their money selling... Read more

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