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Saia - Irresponsible Company 1.0 I ordered an aviary from K9 Kennels, not a cheap item, and it was supposed to be delivered on a Friday. The log sheet showed SAIA had the item for at... San Jose Mercury News - "Hanging" Podcast - delay in check for censorship of my comment 4.8 My principal reason for this "review" is that it seems to me that some "censorship" by default is going on, without SJ Merc understanding how it... 100% full Paypal Refuses to grant appeal against a fraudulent company who scammed a very large sum 2.3 On August 24 of 2017 Paypal ruled in favor of a fraudulent business who scammed me out of $600 USD, when asked abut their reasons they told me that... Zazzle is a joke! 1.5 Zazzle's costumer service is a joke! They cancelled half my order, and I had to do a separate order for the cancelled items. Not only this but I had... Sears Home Services - Sears Home Warranty is a Rip-Off 1.1 We purchased the $69 Sears Home warranty and then about 35 days later had our drain pipe plumbing stop-up. It says right in the warranty booklet that... Legal Shield - Liars, thieves 1.0 I was trying to get legal representation against my apartment trying to take money from me and an attorney signed me up with legal shield and instead... Happy to see more and more Best Buy stores closing down 1.0 I used to wonder why many Best Buy outlets are getting closed. My recent experience with them proves why... they are not fit for Customer Service. I... Featured Paypal not returning money at the request of both parties My mother died on January 19th 2016, she left 1700 in her will to my son who lives in China, we thought the best way for him to receive his...